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Friday, December 24, 2010

I am bored

I see the days passing by, every morning as boring as the one before and I can't stop my self from revisiting the days when I had nothing to do and from that occupational discomfort I started gaining weight due to the fact that my first thought when I woke up was 'what shall I eat now?'
It is quite disturbing knowing that for 6 years - going for 7th, I have been gaining and loosing 14 pounds - 7 kg on average from winter to sumer again and again. I do not know what is the matter!
After year 4 I did identify the problem fully and I just observed myself that during the months of October and November I tend to eat more than usual due to stress and actually bad mood.
So on the next year (year 5 - 2009) I started weekly exercising on a weekly basis from 1 to 2 times a week - for the period October to December I might have missed 1 week at most. So the problem arose when instead of gaining the pounds from january as was custom in years 1 through 4 I began to gain weight in april and by march (i recall my best friend's birthday) I was in full scale of my overweightness....
So I ask you - what is my problem?
Well through informal psychotherapy with my friends I need a new job, my own apartment and to get the hell out of my house and family because my concern and anxieties for them are irrational and choking me without any chance to breathe.
How is that an explanation?
I am so tired...
So tired of thinking of all of this...
I wish I had a place to stay for a while to figure it out...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

An offer from a Gentleman

This was an amazing book! Sophie with the Cinderella story with the Bridgerton lovely character and the 1830's debonair! I seem to consume Julia Quinns books!About this 100 books/ year challenge I might not make it but do the Julia Quinn books count?They are entertaining and feeding my romance vibe (which in real life I detest) but do they count as a book which you reach catharsis (it does offten reffer to tragedies and plays) or just any book counts?
Any the case it did prompt me to start more books than usual...:D
Well I have ordered more paperbacks from which is an amazing site. I first knew AwesomeBooks through through which I bought most of my used paperbacks thanks to their relatively low postage charge to Europe from the UK. So last week I got a promotional email and tadaaaaa £0.59 for the first book and the rest free for postage to Europe!!!Huraiiii!!!Plus, there are promotions and sales and Bin books to chose from!!!Bought the first batch last Wed and it sais it was dispatched last Friday!Lets see how long it will take (3-14 days estimation)!!!
Will start on any book of the Bridgerton series I couldn't find to buy!!xoxo

Bridgerton Family

  • The Duke and I (2000) - Simon Bassett - Daphne Bridgerton
  • The Viscount Who Loved Me (2000) -
  • An Offer From A Gentleman (2001) - Sophie Bekket - Benedict Bridgerton
  • Romancing Mister Bridgerton (2002) -Penelope Ferthington - Colin Bridgerton
  • To Sir Phillip, With Love (2003)
  • When He Was Wicked (2004)
  • It's In His Kiss (2005)
  • On the Way to the Wedding (2006)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Misguided Angel, Melissa de la Cruz

Now I know why I couldn't finish Torment -it def sucked...
Misguided Angel flew off, I was reading it away!I missed that!

Schyler and Jack flee from their protector turned captor the duchess while continuing her grandfathers research.
We learn about Venators - immortals who serve at least 50 times in good faith and gain the job/privilege of protecting Blue Bloods. Mimi is the Regent of the NY coven - she faces an abduction of a vampire and calls in Deming Chen from the Shanghai Coven to solve the case...
The narrator turns to her which is new and interesting!Deming is one of the twins we met briefly at the Coming Out party of our Blue Bloods of Masquarade.

It was interesting!!yei!!!cheers!!def recommended!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I noticed Emma Stone from the 'House Bunny'(2008) and I've been waiting on this movie for a month plus!I watched it in bad quality but so totally worth it!!!!!She is my new role model!Funny, cute and totally cool!Not afraid to make fun of herself at all and charming as well!!!I would have to note that her co-star in this movie Amanda Bynes was on that track as well with movies like 'What a Girl Wants'(2003) and 'She's the Man'(2008) till she got all puffed up in the face (literally) because of plastic surgery or natural growth(the online debate goes on all around).
So this movie.... has Amanda as a total smart and self confident to the point of not carring about rummors- high-school-popularity that makes it interesting and totaly relatable to grown ups who hated high school (who doesn't). Of course it has a love twisth with Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley (I had to copy paste his name as I don't admire him at all...) but she makes it all work - like the movie is good because she is good!I can't stop using exclamation marks!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reminding me what a good movie feels like!!Easy to watch and easy to be cheered up by it!Cheers!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Torment, Lauren Kate

Lucy and Daniel are in love. Daniel a powerfull angel fallen to be with his love, Lucy. Only when kissed she bursts into flames and he has to wait for her to re-incarnate and reach 17 and the circle goes again. Only this time they meet, kiss and all changes as she doesn't die but turns out if she does somehow she will not re-incarnate - hence this is her last go @ life.
In this book? Daniel allies with bad-ass-enemy-angel ie: demon Cam to protect Lucy, who will be hidden in this private school for half-angels (Nephlim) kids for 3 weeks. Lucy goes , makes 2 friends -roomate yoga-guru Shelby, and cute-rich-cool-but shy Miles - and starts working with the Announcers - shadows that can be time/space portals, or glimpses of the past or future;can be summoned like personal voicemail - in order to see her past lives with Daniel and understand more since he keeps her in the dark. End game, Lucy kisses Miles, Daniel doesn't comfront her on anything but ends up in a battle with a bunch of other angels against the Outcasts - really bad angels - and once the fight ends Lucy takes up an uninvited Announcer and takes off.

Problem 1:
OK they are in love, anything else in the story??The Miles character is cute but nothing else in the whole book...

'Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity, Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.' -Andrew Futral

I believe Torment is one step towards what Mr Futral said further from Twilight.....

Problem 2:
Lucy is whining all through the book....BLEASE!!!How bad she had it in her last school, how she misses her parents, how she misses Daniel....and with some flashes on how all loved ones in her every past lives was hurt because Daniel chose her and she died over and over!!!and she did not mention it in any of their conversations!!!it is Bella syndrome on crack plus with having opportunities to solve all of it!
Problem 3:
Lucy fought with Daniel like 4-5 times - all starting with 'I need to talk to him about all this' continuing with 'I can't keep my hands off him' and finishing with 'why don't you tell me anything' and Daniel flying off. One has to argue that 3 times at least in this book Lucy hurt him and then though 'I wish I could go back and console him, make everything right - but when I think of everything I can't' OHHHH PLEAZZEEEEEE!!!
Problem 4
I love the whole fight of angels and even their categories and all but could we focus on more war - strategy - power and less relationship stuff.

S0 I conclude that I would get the next book only to get that dialogue where Lucy asks all the simple questions and gets some simple answers out of Daniel because she has busted our @@@@....
ps:i lovveeee the cover....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chatroom 2010

I gave this movie a chance thanks to Aaron Johnson who was once (and will be again for the sequel) a weak cute geek hero but now he shows what a good actor he is bcs he is sizzling HOT this guy!! Besides that he held on the whole movie to a dangerous level of not knowing whats gonna happen next which is quite difficult with the movie-plot-expectation I've developed...

In addition, I was amazed by the theme of a chatroom into an actual room and the whole concept of it, really I'm struck!Who thought of it???? really I'd like to know!
My generation (born i
n the 90's) has experienced the computer/internet revolution in social networking and interaction and I think it is more attainable for us as an idea than my younger cousins (,,,) because we adjusted our mind as such a concept where the newer generations just found it already accepted as an idea and learned it. That is why I looove this pic!!!
Plus, the halls of the chat network through which you find a chatroom (i couldn't find a pic) has this worn out tapestry and it is making it work! I am so jealous of whoever made this concept of a film possible - it is great that there is still creativity and surpirse in new movies...
Cheers to Hideo Nakata (director, Ring 2...) and the makers of this film!(it does come from a screenplay and
I can so see it played out in a theater).
Here's another poster - couldn't find the hall but found a weird poster that doesn't click alot with the film but still Aaron does look awesome!

PS: I'm reading Torment by Lauren Kate.... bit too tired to read... don't see the challenge going through...

Friday, October 15, 2010

no more historical romance, back to paranormal

well I started another Julia Quinn novel, 'To catch a Heiress' but it didn't flow!I don't know why!I read up to page 100 and I wouldn't follow it!But yesterday as I was googling I came across Drake Chronicles and voila!My super fast reading started again!Maybe I should change genres so I can keep my interest up...
I have to be honest, I have been watching (more like chain-watching..) Vampire Diaries - I was a fan till last year but quitted on it this year but to my surprise I downloaded all 5 first episodes and drank them in 4 days!yei for crazies!!!so I am not fortelling my next conquor so as not to jinx it as before!!!xoxo

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Duke and I, Julia Quinn

I have returned to historical romance, it is a fact!!!!
I missed it sooo much!!!!Julia Quinn has a wonderful way of finding the most convincing problems and pretenses for a couple not to be together!!!!and finally through bonding and intimacy they make it through!It is so real life (in no way realistic) as alive and felt like you are there!!!
Praises praises to the author!
Now I'm flirting with the idea to read some of Lisa Kleypas, whose writings have been distinguished in a number of historical/romance fiction sites and have been associated with Julia Quinn's works. So ahead we go with 'Someone to Watch Over Me' which I chose as it has won the most writing awards when published while it was not her first book.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

upcoming books on the series I read so far!!

--Sequel of Fallen, Lauren Kate
1. Tornment, Sep 30, 2010

--Caster Chronicles, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

1.Beautiful Darkness, October 12th, 2010

-- Morganville Vampires , Rachel Caine
  1. Ghost Town (scheduled October 26, 2010, NAL Hardcover
  2. Bite Club (scheduled Spring 2011)
-- Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz

1. Misguided Angel : A Blue Bloods Novel October 26, 2010

-- Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

1. Last Sacrifice, to be released December 7, 2010

-- Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

1. Darkness Mercy, February 22, 2011

-- The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare

1.City of Fallen Angels is set to be released in March 11, 2011

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Julia Quinn-Perfect summer read

Well I am going backwards to historical romance novels-vampires don't do it for me anymore although I don't think I left any good book series unread!I came upon a 'Vampire Diaries' - no 5 to be exact and thought to give it a go!First, did you know that the actual character -whats her name?- is blonde?i love the tv series but please-blonde and bad-ass difficult to manage:D Plus the first 2 chapters were for what happened in the last books- Bpleaze!she died-she was a spirit-then came back to earth-became a vamp and thanks to her spirit-ness she is a super vamp!!come on!!stretching it a bit??I dropped it-I really don't like dropping books but come on!!

So back to Julia-I ordered 10 more books , mostly Julia's, from - amazing prices , only the postage is the actual cost!I also got Anna Karenina in hope to pull it through but we shall see!
I am looking forward for books that challenge me but no homework please- during vacations (maybe that was my mistake) I started 'The lost Symbol' by Dan Brown and I f
ound it more work that pleasure and on my way to the cafe I saw a book sale and picked up Julia's book.

Julia Quinn has the exact balance on romance, social standards and depth of characters to get you hooked up!!I am a fan of Jo Beverley - but her era where her worlds take place are prior to Julia's and hence the social faux pas are alot stronger, plus Julia's writing is alot lighter and flowing-can't describe it any better!:)

So I'm gonna plunge on Julia and leave Dan for later this fall - don't know if I'll make it to 100 guys.....well I guess I'll set a higher goal for next year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anxiety and scary self

How is that possible?
I am healthy, empowered and with so many opportunities ahead of me (in the short term at least) and I am frozen out by anxiety!And I don't know what it causes it!
my weight-i don't care,
my family-the more i go through this self-analyzing the more I see how elastic and helpful they are - even though there is the anxiety that I will disappoint them...
my friends- I have long thought of them as external factors-I don't really rely on them anymore
my carrier - well this is interlinked to my family and me-not-disappointing-them.
I am so exhausted in proving myself to them, that I realised I had to prove myself to me!and nobody else!at first at least... so now I feel like I need to go all over it for their sake. Do I make sense?My self-exploration has been very productive and has funded my confidence and trust in myself. But what's up now?
It has to do with my family and the job- this anxiety, this 3kg rock sitting on my chest.
I don't think it has to do wirth any specific member of my family. I think it's me, again, there's something more I have to fix in me - and get into action!into living my life!!!
I'm sleepy, goodnight

Monday, August 9, 2010

new books

Blue Bloods - Misguided Angel - Melissa de la Cruz - set to come out October 26, 2010

Mortal Instruments - City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clareis - set to be released in March 11, 2011

Lauren Kate - Torment is to be released September 2010

Melissa Marr - 22 FEB 2011-- Darkest Mercy (the last Wicked Lovely series book!)

Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy - Last Sacrifice - to be released December 7, 2010

The blue bloods I missed alot!!!but I would take out Torment in 2 days easily!during vacations I found the 6th book of the Vampire Diaries!Geez - the first two chapters are a sum of all that have happened - that is alot to take in - Elena died twice - like once to become a vampire and another to be a protective spirit and now she has fallen from the sky and is 100% human with extra abilities and the shi ni shi who are the bad guys come from Japan and can do magic and have captured her boyfriend/vampire to a mystical prison from where she needs to free him. Any ideas on where she gets that stuff?I'll give it a go though,,, I bought the damn thing....:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no more Immortals - off to the Vampire Academy!:P

So I did start the Immortals 3, but I soo needed to stop it, so boring man!Not being able to touch and still ok with it?I'm not ok with it!As I googled on whats up later on I saw that Roman gets more involved and I just don't like him at all!
And this genetic-disease that Damen has that cannot touch or kiss or anything with Ever - guys this is SOOOO STOLEN!!! check out Dark Angel (2000) episode 1 season 2 where the exact thing happened-but the virus was in her blood!!!:)

Moving on, my new step in modern literature is the Vampire Academy - I saw it everywhere and it seemed harmless enough so I gave it a go....
Easy and readable , reminds me a lot of the House of Dark series by PC Cast from the surroundings - cannot explain it - I think its the way they are described. Yep, I can think of Stevie-Ray when I think about their similarities!!LoL!!
I love Rose - all the fighting and power and bossiness she has - I want to adopt, well in a while bcs I'm too tired to even read more books... or just excuses - you know how that goes!!
So I finished book 1 - Vampire Academy and I did it in 3 days I think.
Lissa is too weak I believe but Dimitri I love!Even though I love russian and all about the Eastern Europe and hate when they try to use its mystery aura Richelle Mead uses it with respect :D.
So I'm on book 2 now,,,, talk to yaaalll laters!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Did you forget my whining?

Ok, too much book reading!!!seriously!!get out more!!!!
Well, besides work I do get out, but should go out more!
My head is in a cloud, like I can't focus, like I need some iq tests to keep it sharp!
But reading is exactly that right?I fed on 20 books this past two weeks!!that must count for my intelligence not my minds deterioration!
Well, the truth is: I hate my job, I hate living with my parents, and now I can't stand my friends (they -in between them - I was too busy reading) had a fight and I CAN'T BE BOTHERED!!!
To much whining man, so I came back to my blog-whining!hahaha
I hate my job, its a family business so there is not alot of options,,, and I don't have alot of courage, energy or lack of guilt to search for something new....
They say the stronger stay and fight rather than quit and leave, right?Well I am so sick of saying we should do that to take advantage on an opportunity but I am so out of energy of doing exactly that that I am out of energy for me, like my personal life!actually that sounds quite coherent...
what to do?a break?work somewhere else for a while?
all I know is my mind is in a cloud - it is not clouded-it IS a cloud - all foggy and white noised!
I guess its my way of getting high-like my drugs to numb me out!that sounds coherent as well!!!
yei!!loads of breakthrough today!!!and with a cloudy mind!!who needs friends!!!!!hahahahah
I started the handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood, which after I found in pdf I realized that I have it in paperback from a while back and had indeed started to read it but stopped midway!!I think I remember the movie, which is sad bcs I like the book so far (pg40).
I'm going out tonight!wish me luck with my communicating skills!!!!!i am getting dumb on that one after all this reading!!!
have a nice weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Immortals : Evermore - Alyson Noel

1) Soulmates recuring in different lifetimes - Fallen
2) The O.C. scene -the O.C.
3) Dead parents/ guilt trips - not liking the rich - Blue Bloods Schyler
4) name Damean - The Vampire Diaries -haven't read it but seen the tv series..
5) Red head trying to kill you - hello!!Eclipse!!!

New stuff :
1) Love the hoodie and ipod phase
2) Super powers - mind reading, aura seeing, predictions
3) Ghosts showing up
4) Immortals versus vampires - thanks sooo much for that one although its weird how its manifested from studying and perfecting his fathers formula based in alchemy

Ok, I still don't know what the red tulip means!!!!ok googled it-undying love... blah blah...
I have not seen the Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst (although I am a fan) but it was crazy romantic but a bit off - not enough souroundings and too specific..
I think it was too fake, yep fake, too perfect to roll the moment!!!
But loved the idea of the black gown and the uninvited crush dressing up as her match - it was mentioned a bit too much tho...
But that's just me....

I did have some problems since my ebook was in a bad shape: it had some paragraphs missing but the text flowed and I went through it in a day!:)
A bit too much on the noise and bother the super powers got her and ending up an alcoholic?Because Drinia messed up with her head?The whole Drinia character was of - too random and insignificant to actually explain what she did and how she did it.... A bit of explaination would make her more believable - I wouldn't sympathase ever!
And her name!!Ever!!!! Like her name is 'Ever' - how is that pronounced?like 'ive' from Eve or like the word ever???lol
off for the second book!
I would put this series right after Blue Bloods and before fallen!yep!
talk to you around!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MorganVille Vampires- see you in Oct

MorganVille Vampires Book 8: Kiss Of Death

I'll miss Shane, and Claire and most especially EVE!!!She has taught me so many comeback lines to tap off any argument!She showed me that you don't have to always comply to acceptable answers to arguments and with some wittiness and loads of nerve you can hit somebody with your words!Of course not the flipping them off parts which Eve loves so much...
Shane is the sweetest bad boy-dont-know-what-I-feel boy and he is cool and adorable!Hands up if you too are in love with him!!!!!!
As for Claire : I know that the main character must be from toes to head into heroic energy with no fear of danger so as the action keeps going and the book eventually unravells but (always a but) a bit too much this time!She's a bit too perfect- in book 6 Claire was a bit insecure with Shane and in book 7 about her job with Myrnin so it felt more realistic. Now Claire has evolved into a woman ready to take charge - with what cost on her character?her value as a fictional character that is - not her personality.
The fact that I see her as that, makes it bad for the book..... I was seing her as a person not a character-you know what I mean.... Like in Harry Potter - they were persons, whose story I wished it came true soooo much but I have never seen them as fictional characters, not until years later when I was more pragmatic on the whole thing of it not ever being true!!I sooooo wanted to be a wizard (ok witch..), I even enrolled online on one of the Hogwards School thingings and had homework and such..... buhhuuuuuu Even now I feel sorrow and grief from that dream :p

Monday, June 28, 2010

MorganVille Vampires - Up to No 7

I don't know how it happens, I guess I get to know the author's writing personality and now the books just flow!!!3 hours a day x 2 days and one book less till the end!!!
I finished both book 6 - Carpe Corpus - too much action on that one, harder to follow but more interesting in every page, and book 7 in 2 days each!!Now the baseline story is just the reality where I can wrap my thoughts around and the story flows so nicely!I really love this series!Not adore though...
I am afraid I am self-brainwashing myself with too much reading and my mind-hard drive will have to erase old memories or University info to store these stories!!!Is that possible?I guess better a book rather than tons of movies and images flickering in my mind right?I invest more on my imagination!!
The truth is that I never leave my imagination to linger, just linger not even be expressed. I never invested time in creating art, and what small part was too logic oriented, and I think I should find a way to flow it outwards...
Anyway, about book 7:
The love affair between Shane and Claire is amazingly cute and romantic...and she still has her insecurities!how cute is that!?but Bleaze do not stop on Shane's hotness because I am drawling over him!!!!!!!he must be a hunk!!!
And the video tapes of the bedrooms----hahahahahah that was so funny I couldn't go on reading!!!
these books are entertainment on its prime - worth every page!!!
going for number 8...

] The Morganville Vampires series

  1. Glass Houses (October 2006, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-21994-5)[3]
  2. The Dead Girls' Dance (April 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22089-7)
  3. Midnight Alley (October 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22238-5)
  4. Feast of Fools (June 2008, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22463-9)
  5. Lord of Misrule (January 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22572-4)
  6. Carpe Corpus (June 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22719-0)
  7. Fade Out (November 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22866-9) going for number 8...

  8. Kiss of Death (April 27, 2010, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22973-8)
  9. Ghost Town (scheduled October 26, 2010, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23161-9)
  10. Bite Club (scheduled Spring 2011)
Oi!It seems like the last one till October!!hope its ending is not as bad as 1,2,3, and 4 - 5,6,7 was quite subtle but for the first ones I had to start the next one asap!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

MorganVille Vampires: The dEad GirLs DanCe

Ai Ai Ai!!!!
I just finished it!!!!I didn't go out yesterday!!!and spent all of my Friday night with Claire and a shisha!!!
This book series rocks man!It's so flowey!! At the end I pressed next and it wouldn't go!why?because it was finished!!i thought my controller was off!!!
thank the author there are 2 more!!!
This plot thickens but it is not heavy!quite bizarre I am up for the next one!

Friday, June 18, 2010

MoRgAnViLLe VaMpIrEs: Glass Houses

I started it only yesterday!!!how weird@@@@@
It was fun - seriously fun and easy flowing without alot of complications but with alot of juice!!!
This gets a 10/10!
Claire - the book geek who is @ college level by the age of 16 moves to TLC university/school (i didn't get exactly what) so she won't go to uni out of state ASAP-she's that smart.
So she get's hazed-really badly - beaten up badly - by this girl Monica and her crew (I belive the term 'Monikettes' was childish but no-one's perfect) really beat her up man!
So cool!But I have her in my mind as really ass scary/loco/crazy but fun to stand up to as Claire did!
So in order to get out of Monica's way she ends up in this house to rent a room where Eve (Goth-big sis character), Michael (paranormal, hot-mysterious and big bro figure) and Shane ( sexy,lazy and kind of high all the time with ninja skills) live like a family giving out a comfort and familiarity that even I was jealous of....
So the plot thickens as Claire moves in but still provokes Monica et al. and eventually a whole story unravels on the vampires who live in that town, Morganville, and the rest gets so mixed but still with a simplicity such as watching a movie!!!Such and easy read!!!I actually missed enjoying reading! !!!
Claire is bookwormy but easygoing and nice with a twist of humor and a lot of bravery :)
At first I couldn't figure out if it was Michael or Shane the target of the love story - Michael was the obvious choice since he was the Alpha there but then Claire started noticing Eve's glimpses and I wasn't sure untill she actually asked him if he liked Eve...
But still then the plot wasn't for sure as Shane was friendly and fun with no hints - which I loved!!!!thank you thank you for not making it another predictable story!!!
Seriously now, this book flowed so easily I started thinking of movie scenes and it occured to me that I have substituted tv and movies with books!That is I was feeling bad that my head was so full of movie shenes, actors, background music and small details because I was a movie freak and now I am a book freak!Even though it is not as easy as in the movies I have figured out the hints and threads the author gives for giving up the plot and the continuation of the story!So I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

What's next?
Lets see book 2!and its the weekend?maybe till Monday??
ps:i think it should be Glass House not Glass Houses since its the name of the house they live (Michael Glass owns it)....;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity was
ok. B P L E A S E . The ongoing debate of Aislinn choosing between Keenan and Seth got recycled over and over and over... Thank you Seth for going to Feary to the High Court and gave some interesting experiences for the Feary world or else I would have been bored to death. I adore Aislinn's effection for Seth but girl get your mind straight already!
My court 0r my heart, my heart or my court...blah blah blah...
I did get weirded out on how every new character and protagonist becomes
suddendly very very very important in the Feary world. Aislinn-Summer Court in book 1, Leslie-Dark Court in book 2, Seth-High Court in book 3 but what importance!Seth is the Summer Queens beloved, the Dark Kings brother, and the High Queens son.... too many identities mark has been reached......
At first I wanted to see where this ongoing debate would end but book 4 is about a new inserted story about
Anie-new Court of Shadows-book 4 which was the most thrilling and adventurous so far!
Anie as a character, way better than Aislinn. Anie is a Hound and she can bit your head of hell be damned!!!!!:) She is the one on the cover and the tattoo's meaning comes out but in the end.
I also liked Devlin, he was bound to rise to power one way or another!I would love to kick Sorcha's ass for being so absent minded with the whole Feary world!!!
PS:Marr (author) forgot all about Anie's still living mother Jillian whose memory was erased once abducted and transferred to live in Feary for both Annie's and her own safety!!what happened with that reunion??
I do believe that the author in the end kind of roughed up the edges to hurry up the books end but it was the cost for giving the reader such a
luscious story full of drama, fight, self-inspection and of course falling in love bits. :)
I hope Rae's role does get a happy ending because being a mortal dream-walker is kind of dead-end job..
Last point, drums pleaze:
Niall asked for his dreams to be tied with Iri's!!it came out from a joke but it actually happened it the end!!
what did that mean???we have read that Iri is in love with Niall since forever and that they have been companions in the dark days but that was the epitome of their relationship!!Irial was wounded though and Bananach did say that Iri had about of a fourthnight worth of life span- so is that the happy ending for them two???They are both so strong and misterious and if in love, they do deserve finding their passion through the bond they share!(no discriminations in love!!!!)

I am sad the new book comes in Feb 2011, I'd like the ending so I can close up this whooole story once and for all!It's so addictive!bo, on my way to a new book saga!any suggestions???i do have a couple already in line!:P

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prince of Persia - beyond expectations

Prince Danstan : an orphan raised a Prince selected by the Kind due to his character and courage.
Princess Tamina: protector of the dagger and the sands of time

A love story with equality and understanding of each others burdens and responsibilities!Is there a book about it?
Nop. Googled it...
'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a 2010 fantasy-adventure film written by Jordan Mechner, Boaz Yakin, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard;'
courtesy of Wikipedia...
So I wasn't quite drawn from its publicity. Mostly it was Jake with his amazing new abs and topless stills which did not do it for me. The movie has alot more to offer and with different marketing would attract more crowd I believe.
The story was amazing, the fighting invigorating, and the chemistry between the protagonists explosive!
There were some parts that didn't bond but it paid back in fantastic costumes and imagination!
The concept of time travelling reminded me the Nicolas Cage movie - when was it? -yes, Next (2007) where the movie ended up in the beginning since he had the gift of seeing the outcome of the strings of choices he made, and it ended up that he foresaw a whole movie's worth of choices..:)
Jake Jake Jake @ first I thought it wouldn't be any good for him to go macho and muscly but he proved me wrong. He is over-muscled -arlond schwarzenegger style- where veins look ready to pop but with his character it gave his role a great match!!!
So go ahead watch it with a bucket of pop corn because this movie rocks!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ink Exchange

Unfortunately I didn't see the book cover when I read it - it is quite suited for the book. The book is more sexy than the first one as Leslie is more dark and pained than Aislinn with more trauma to overcome thus stronger and more admirable. The trick was how to bring up a story with the same traits but with new bravado!well Leslie was attached to the king of the Dark Court, Irial, thus being part of the Dark Court as a vessel for the humans' emotions which is the Dark feys' food source. The story was magnifique and Leslie was an amazing character to meet. Where I lost it was Nial, Nial was in the first book, Keenan's guardian, who has as it seems quite a history with Irial - that I accept but he was so into Leslie and after all that happened between them I think there was something missing. Maybe creating their own court?I don't know but something should have initiated from their amazing connection!!! Most unfortunatley Leslie's connection to Irial rather than to Nial, was sexier and alot more powerful!Still though I remember Seth's calmness and solidity with jealousy for Aislinn.......
By the way, I amazon-ed the third book and we go back to Aislinn and Keenan!?wtf?why no body told me sooner???so I could read that one first!!!!!!!:D

Friday, June 4, 2010

WiCkEd LoVeLy

This was a nice off the rail fantasy romance...
Aislinn is her name, I don't know how its pronounced but a nice one for the reader!
Her relationship with Seth - hot best friend who turns out to be the best boyfriend ever - reminds me of my current situation with my best friend who made a move and I embraced it with nothing in return, no pressure, questions or anything and he is still afraid, he backed out. What do I do then? Leave him off since he doesn't have the courage to stand up and be with me?I didn't even ask him as much!
This is insane.. The worst part is that I lost my best friend because even if I don't wish it, I cannot trust him with my feelings anymore because in a way he rejected me eventhough its his insecurity that does,,,,
Well my guy lacks what Seth had. B*LLS. Bleazeeee!!!!
so i am -1 on my friends lists and -1 on the list of my potential soulmates!!
thats a NO-NO situation pour moi don't you think??
So for the book - the story line was amazing, parallel to the real world and actually possible with not so many exaggerations... I would say that its a great substitute for Twilight fans to find our fix in paranormal romance!But I have to admit that I tried to read Twilight after all this time and it felt boring or tending to boring so I left it till I actually miss it so as not to resent it in the end!
In the beginning it was trouble to actually get how different the faeries were even within their own kind. There is the Winter Court, Summer Court, the Higher Court and the Dark Court -I think it was one more?maybe... and they live among us but we cannot see them - ouuuuu spooky!
Anyway, I seriously consumed this book in like 4 days without even trying!!!!
Now I'm off for the second book of the series 'Ink Exchange'.
We'll see!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Juanna and Catalina of Spain

The Last Queen by C. W. Gortner
The author states in the Afterword that it 'consumed nearly six years of writing and research which shows how much effort this life took...
A LOT happened it Juana's life. Daughter of Isabelle Queen of Castile and her consort King of Aragon who united Spain under one rule, Infanta of Castile, Archduchess of Burgundy through her marriage to Philip of Burgundy then assigned a strategical role of supporting Spain's interests in the north.
After her oldest brother, heir to Spain's dual parts, and then her older sister's death in childbirth, married to the King of Portugal, she was the next in line but already with 2 children and an ambitious, easy-influenced husband. Hence, she was the Queen regnant of Aragon and Castille.
But betrayed by her husband she was imprisoned till he could find a way to claim the throne and power to himself till he died suddenly. Then, she came to trust her father who in turn betrayed her as well and she ended up locked up in a castle with no connection to the outside world. Both traitors claimed she was mad, hence the title Juana La Loca.
A devastating tale of a woman who learned courage and patience the hard way. Even if its a novel based on historical facts the aftermath of such pain and mistrust is heartbreaking. A woman who took up all of her responsibilities and burdens with no question. I do not believe she was mad indeed. Any woman in her torments would evolve to an insane person with only half of it.

I don't know if its the story of Juana or the way it was written but what was left with me is her surrow and disapointment in the people she trusted, while in the book she did not complain even once. Also there is no hint of revenge towards them but just regret.
it is sad...
But in the meantime I had to compare it to 'The Constant Princess' by Phillipa Gregory which I read a couple of years ago. It was about Catalina of Aragon, Juanna's little sister and her struggle in marrying Henry the VII of England... Juanna did encounter her and she was portraied as a lovestruck chica who wanted Henry for love while Gregory showed a level headed woman aiming to her goal no matter what. Eventhough she went through her own misfortunes till she reached her goal and then was cast aside in the end for the Boleyin girls she left me more of a strong character in mind and a feeling of respect and power in even the chance to getting to know her!while with Juanna I felt her sadness and injustice first hand, yes that's it!I was closer to Juanna than Catalina. But Catalina did suffer more in the idea of having no one to rely and no hope at all while Juanna suffered imprisoment and denial of her royal rights. Each is hell on its own accord but Catalina will always be my favorite:)
sorry Juanna!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I loved the name Henry from the Tudors and the Gregory series of Henry the VIII..
But now he is a person from the book The Time Traveler's Wife.
Such a magical book with reason and easy to follow even though its basis is a labyrinth through time. At first I wanted to record all the dates and years but then I left it on the authors hands and it was amazing. I remember how happy I felt when I saw the cover and realized what it actually ment!I was so happy!its awesome!
Clare's patience, her persistence, the fact that she knew that Henry was to be her other half even though he didn't know it when they first met (Henry 28, Clare 20).
Lots of ups and down in time and ages and the only way to go is to just follow the path the author has drawn up.
Loved the way it felt, that determination of each other, the feeling that we will be together no matter what. There I see the fault in todays world. There is too much choice. Funny what with capitalism and democracy as the most popular regimes. But think about it. If you pick someone and stick with your choice no matter what, you will be happy because you will work it out. I know sometimes other factors bring along problems you cannot control but if you have the determination of making it work because you know this is supposed to happen and all will work out just because you believe it will then it will!
Silly moi, wondering in waters too deep maybe for my optimistic self...
But I believe true love comes with determinism in the belief that everything is going to work out and the persistence of that belief.
Easy!believe it will happen and it will!
I watched the movie halfway in the book and the movie was good thanks to the main actors but I dont think the audience understood it without reading the book. I got it bcs I read through the difficult parts where it makes sense after a while. I wonder how the ppl who only watched it received it,, I'll ask around...
I loooove Rachel McAdams!from the Notebook of course, and RedEye...
So, I read it in 5 days!!!in the weekend I finished half so with work I kept it low reading per day!
I have to confess that the ending could have been alot better. Unfortunately, I'll have to give it some more thought on it to give some suggestions. But it had to give us the dialoge on the last encounter (Clare 82, Henry 42).
I cannot even begin to imagine what they said!Tho with that the author wishes to show us that what matters is not the conversation but the actuall meeting.
I loved the first part, but the second was tiring to even read it!I had to take breaks watching tv!!!LOL..
So what's next?NEXTTTTT!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Love Love, i Want Your Love....

i wish I was in love,,,, I hope I am....:)
How does one know?I am getting involved with this friend of mine.. we've been best friends for 6 months since we met along with a couple of other friends and hanging out all the time.
I did feel nervous,, he does as well I bet but I think I'm happy, more happy than I feel right now, like its hiding so I wont ruin everything...LOL
be yourself despite everything
have fun despite everything
be happy despite everything
self-destruction is an easy way out but I'm gonna fight and hide from it as long as I can....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New books!!!within a week,,,

New books I've finished!first one is:
Traditional Regencies --> The Fortune Hunter : Amy (Amethyst) and Harry Crisp
and the second, just finished today:
Malloren Family --> Tempting Fortune : Bryght and Portia

The traditional regency suggests no obscene scenes of sex which is preferable since my initial inclination to regency romance is the propriety and limits of sexual innuendoes in everyday life, something that today is unheard of. So with the absence of such intrusive descriptions the occasional disheveling and prohibited arousal of the heroes is much more entertaining and effective than the actual act's detailed descriptions.
It is rather like when a woman wears a dress see-through showing off everything and with no underwear and a lucius woman wearing a decent dress suggesting that she might not be wearing any underwear. You get the hint?Better leaving something for the imagination
Less is more...
Hence my belief that anyone can be a slut but can you be a hunter?Having men as pray rather than being their victims?
ouf, that is why I love those stories. The men heroes are falling for their women flat out because they are drawn to them. That is not happening anywhere near my 'suitors'. They are cold hearted from their fear of closeness and intimacy or run away at the first sight of comfortability.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Parents..... why should I pay for their mistakes???

i KNOW myself... At least I'm getting to know her...
In that sense I look through my irrational feelings, outbursts and actions. I try to detach myself early from hazardous ppl and situations - that is emotionally of course. I strongly believe in the motto 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger'. So I never intend to avoid a bad situation by fleeing, I did that once in my life in a big argument and it just didn't feel right. Hence, I go for emotional detachment once the danger is recognized.

The worse is when I detach to such a point that its unnecessary but still in need for me being more comfortable since I'll be feeling more safe. So what are the boundaries?the limits? Am I a good enough judge , albeit a prejudiced one, to chose my defences?
Being scared is normal, choosing books over company is founded on the soundness of the choice of secure entertainment (books) over unreliable and unbalanced people (company of friends). Thus, clashing with numerous quotes such as :
'the only way to make no mistakes is to be doing nothing'
So I guess I am going through a period where I am testing my high and my lows but without the balance I feel too happy or too unhappy at times. Of course that is part of the balance, the too happy to outweigh the too unhappy (I would not like to use the term sad, as sad I am not) and thus learning to grow up and accept the bad with the good.
My burden in all that is that of my father. Born me at his 48th year of age (who starts a family when in his 50s??????) with no previous predicament of sorts and hence coming to his 72nd year where he has started a new business along with the old one for his children to take over when out of college. After a ga-zillion mistakes both businesses are broke as the family's finances and kids are left to fight off debts by selling property in their names...And all that by being indebted (I at least) when still in university!!!!!!!Just of my fathers vanity and over-indulgent belief that he will live forever. Obnoxious. Intolerable. Man do as you wish with YOUR life but leave me the heck alone!I have not deserved this for which the biggest mistake is to trust you even though signs of your incompetence have been slapping on my face for these 2 years I'm back trying to cover up your mess!You imbecile! Get a grip you sucker!You have been played at so many times and still you play your part as a sucker still and thus confirm my deepest fears that you are not acting the sitting bull strategy but that you are a sucker of a scum who has taken advantage of you and your family and of that you do nothing but still feed in the hopes he feeds you of opportunities he can only provide you!WAKE UP!
I feel justified because I have tried. First in a nice way, for 3-6 months max, trying to woo him into telling me what he's talking about with the scum and figure out WHY he's still conversing with him on anything let alone our business!our FAMILY business!!
Then frustration kept building up so I had the most maniac, out of proportions outbursts trying to blame somebody and let it not be my father who seemed such a victim of the scums all around him.
But then realization hit!THE SCUMS DIDN'T JUST SHOW UP!!!!!He had a lot of time to make the choices to lead us here!and most of all : IT IS NOT MY F**** FAULT!!!thank G for that last one for I would have lost my wits all together.
Two years now, things have settled to a course where we will have a chance of survival but his attachment to his favorite scum has not deteriorated. So a couple of months ago my outbursts and fits were turned into lectures and tantrums on my leave out of his life and our house(which is by the way in my and my other sibling's name).
None of that took any space in his straight, out-of-reality-but-his-own brain so now, today I disowned my relation to him. It is grave but so is all of his psychological violence I have fed up with two years now. I know I'll regret this but all I feel is that if I don't stand up for myself now I will perish in will and strength of self righteousness.
Parents make mistakes. No prob with that. But keep paying it for no obvious reason?I'm no masochist how much ever I love him he has let me down in protecting and acknowledging me. The threats I laid two months ago took no space and today within my explosion of emotions and truths I am trying to get him to 'get' I threatened him of actually kicking him out!That's the only time when he listens. When heavilly threatened. That's when he only actually showed a change of emotion. Which was of course regret, of actually trusting me but which of course was his choice. Thats when my mother actually stood up for me and asked 'Do you really believe she could do that?' Thats when he confirmed what I thought : 'Well, yes but that would be from my initial mistake of trusting her in the first place'. OH PLEASE Mr self-rigtheous!!Do please get over yourself and just grow up!!!!!!
My mother of course started a sarcastic laugh and thats when I realised that I would never actually do that. I am a nice person, I was two years ago for sure, and still try to survive as one but deep hurts teach you how to change into something, anything needed to survive. Thank G I'm not an alcoholic and I haven't found a source of getting weed. I did flirt with alcoholism on a period but it made me a bit too sleepy and dowsy...
All you need is loveeeeeeee.......I used to have a lot of love but now I'm filled with fantasies of kicking his head of and actually harming him!!!Anything I tell him has no effect!even when my insults grow worse, NOTHING!I'm done.
I first realized my father may die when I was 13 and he had a health problem of sorts. I was so depressed and sad.... I thought I was prepared since then that he will be gone one day. But now I need to protect any more harm in me. Disown him for good out of my heart. That should be tricky. I started two months ago. My rational judgement inside my head does tell me that
a)I will regret this
b)I should show him love and woe him into the right behaviour that will help our business
c)I would have been better off being a lamb and not shouting even once.
But I am so furious I cant consider letting him go that easy.
He has been naive and careless to the extent of stupidity thanks to his vanity of strength and immortality. This was very hard to grasp and that was my realization 2 months ago. May the outer forces help me for I am in need of strength to keep sane.
Most unfortunate is that nobody can understand me. Only me me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Define yourself

Who are you?What are your foundations?

I see friendship and companionship but I believe if you really learn to live without them then you can really appreciate them!Like food, if you don't eat whenever you feel like it you will appreciate it and taste it better!I think that is the foundation of my 'boulimia':when stressed I indulge myself in anything my kitchen can provide!
If I can't have comfort from a friend, or the immediate solution to the problem that stresses me then I satisfy my need with temporary satisfaction of my appetite!It sounds logical now, I understand better when analyzed into a straight line of explanatory logic.
How do we fight this?Am I supposed to 'fight' this?Maybe accept it as a part of me and do the best I can to calm myself in those waves of confusion?The worse is that exercise with endorphins doesn't help much. I used to have those stressful attacks since I was 15 and worried with my weight due to social pressures. I believe back then I felt that if I could control the increase of my weight then I would have some saying into my body's image...that didn't cover it though, I really didn't care how my body looked, not even in the summer with a bathing suit no matter how tiny...
Always feel good by yourself and then see how you feel within a crowd.
It is a sentiment that I am trying to put into words but I cannot pin it down!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loneliness - not always depressing?

I am alone. I did come to terms with it. I kept discussing with my friends how well aware I am of my consciousness and my self. How I am ok with who I am, mostly because I never had a relationship and was driven to find comfort in being single and by myself a lot. Now in the thought of somebody reading this makes me feeling embarrassed. Why should I be embarrassed because I feel lonely? Everyone is alone. This is what you can be 100% certain in your life. You are always alone, even with company. So when first in hand with this truth I tried to see my fears of being alone as a fear I have to accept to live with.
But we are all alone in our lives. And in that we are the same!No need to distinguish ourselves out of the whole as I did all this time. I felt inferior and less of a person because, I think, I could see all my faults and couldn't acknowledge my insecurities. There's this passage from Paulo Coehlo's book Brida that once I read it I saw through myself!

Brida was different. Her prayer had deeply touched the Magus’s soul. She had understood that no human being who has walked this planet was or is different from the others. Few people were capable of saying out loud that the great Teachers from the past had the same qualities and the same defects as all men, and that this in no way diminished their ability to search for God.

Judging oneself to be inferior to other people was one of the worst acts of pride he knew, because it was the most destructive way of being different.’

It helped me so much. This past year I kept evolving my character by bulging into reality with work, with all the problems and ridiculousness of it all. I began to take things less seriously and just get over it. Two quotes serve me here:

'If it wasn't this, it would have been something else'
'Get over it, there are worse problems in the world'

I was always a more realistic person concerning romance but in secret I longed for it. Of course no reality obliged and came to realize what a fool we all are. Romance does not come from the perfection of situations and actions but from the imperfections and funny awkward moments of relationships. Of feeling embarrassed and seeing understanding of the quote of we are not different from each other. The simplicity just banged on my head and I laughed my heart out. How come no-one has discovered that yet?

Friday, March 12, 2010

My literature journey so far

It is crazy how I never enjoyed reading books before. I remember when at fourteen I came across the third book of Harry Potter and I was infatuated. In the first scene of book 1 when uncle Vernon is chasing around the influx of mail owls with the letter of acceptance from Hogwarts I laughed my heart out; I remember myself all alone in open air without a sound (I was near the sea) all around but my laughter. Then I realized that books can be fun!
After the Harry Potter feast I didn't seek any other source of reading, I did go through Dan Brown and Eight, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Constant Princess but they did not make much of a mark in my way of thinking.
Maybe 'the Constant Princess' did affect me in depth: a historical novel by Philippa Gregory about Catherine the first wife of Henry the VII who overcome all obstacles and ate up her pride and honor to get the end she fought for. I do not believe that I would like her if I met this character in real but I did admire her courage!
Coming up I read The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory as well. She has taken on all of the women of Henry the VII and made a fictional novel of each. The movie was ok (2008) mostly because of the costumes and Scarlett-undying fan of hers I am- and so since I had read the Constant Princes even before the movie was out I felt I had forgotten Catherine enough to pludge into Mary Boleyn. I must say I felt Catherine's companion and co-sufferer but with Mary I was just an observant of her experiences. Not that that is bad but it was just happening with no feelings! I adore that era so I kept indulging myself in the manners and courtship of it all.

In 2008 I began my current job but didn't bother me till I was a psychological mess in the rise of 2009 and the economic crisis...
That was when I downloaded a CAM version of Twilight just to find something to go numb-of-thought over. It was cute and enticing and after the 'google effect' found out that it came from a book!How convinient to have some time in my hands and actually find it in pdf then and there!I downloaded it and didn't stop reading!That was Tuesday.
The on-screen-reading didn't bother me, so I went on to the second by Friday. Fortunately, a friend was going to London for vacation just for the weekend so by Sunday I had all four books on paperback and was just beginning the third book.
Stephanie Meyer saved my sanity in that time of my life. I was lost in my real life and found a world to which I can escape into another world and return with a clear head to my problems.
In the following two months I read each book at least 6 times with no exaggeration. I kept moving from one part to another, opening them randomly and reading till the end and so on...
Then I realized I am torturing my self by reading them over and over and I had to give them up in order to re-capture them after I 'forget' them a bit. And so I let them go, like an addiction I didn't know what to do with my free time!Imagine I was eyeing the books like and addict!LOL:)
Then I came across forums with people with the same problem seeking other books or Sagas in order to satisfy their hunger!
All leading to the discovery of 'my anona mouse . net': a audiobook/pdf book site that has a vast selection of books, book recommendations and easy to gain points to up your torrent ratio!If I didn't gain that easy bonus points, I would definitely donate. Maybe laterz...
So I made a list of ALL the books I read in this past year (I now realize its a year since twilight!!!) with a couple out that will definitely get once out.. eventually!

Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer (paperback)
Midnight Sun
The new moon
Breaking Dawn

House of Night, P.C. Cast -Kirsten Cast (audiobooks)
Burned, 27th April 2010

Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz (aydiobooks)
Blue Bloods
The Van Allen Legacy
Misguided Angel, fall 2010
Wolf Pact, 2011

The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare (audiobooks)
City Of Bones
City Of Ashes
City Of Glass
City Of Fallen Angels, 11th March 2011

A certain Slant of Light, Laura Whitcomb (audiobook and then pdf midway)

Fallen, Lauren Kate (audiobook and pdf in the same time)
Torment, fall 2010
Rapture, 2011

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (audiobook and pdf - Fallen felt like training for Jane Eyre since she was way more challenging in its level of english)

Various Artists - The eternal Kiss (Audio)

Jo Beverley
Company of Rogues - Arranged Marriage, Nicholas and Elenor (audio)
Malloren - Winter Fire, Ash and Genova (audio)
Company of Rogues - An Unwilling Bride, Beth and Lucious (audio)
Company of Rogues - Dangerous Joy, Felicity and Miles (audio)
Secrets Trilogy - Book Two - The Secret Wedding, Dorcas and Christian (paperback)
Company of Rogues - To Rescue a Rogue - Dare and Mara (paperback)
Company of Rogues - The Rogues Return - Jancy and Simon (paperback)
Malloren - My Lady Notorious - Chastity and Cyn (pdf)
Malloren - Devilish - Beowolf and Elisabeth (pdf)
Company of Rogues' World - Lady Beware - Horatio and Thea (pdf)

Persuasion (currently on chapter 4), Jane Austen

That makes 32 books in one year since March 2009. OUAO. This is OUAO - so many world and crypts to hide over! :)

But unfortunately non of them have been inviting enough to re-read them once over. Only Jo Beverley has astonished me with her innovation: every book is so different in context, character and situations that the next but still has the same qualities and traits.

Imagine how many hours I've spent with my ipod in hand for these audiobooks!every book is around 7 to 9 hours of air time!LoL.... Most of this time was spent in work, doing paperwork, driving (mostly...I even almost crashed because I was swept away in a book..), relaxing in my sofa...

I even got my ipod with me when going out just as a protection if I get bored or I have some spare time to take it on again....Lame I know, I even took a book of Jo Beverley I hadn't read yet in case I might want to start! I believe it was a cushion for awkward situations, an escape!To what point does this addiction resemble drugs?Funny to get drug addicts into reading!!!haha would it work?with the right motivation....all is possible!
Now on Persuasion...I'm quite bored in reading as I was on listening right around when I began Jo Beverley's collection...well..

I'll see how it goes!In truth, because of my long book list so far a friend recommended me to blog about them and write critics on every one!but I see it as a very very long project so I will have this blog as whatever comes out from now on.-

Thursday, March 11, 2010

'percy jackson and the olympian lightning thief'

This is a fictional movie about a secret born demi-god of the 12 gods of Olympous world. Well. If you consider greek mythology fiction then you might cover it up..
I am Greek so basic knowledge of mythology is set in my mind since childhood, so I am annoyed that Persephone's tale is totally mixed up as she's one of my favorites.
Persephone is the daughter of Demetra, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus promised her as a wife to Pluto, the ruler of the under world and master of Hades, but he decided to abduct her. That made Demetra so sad that all agriculture died and humans suffered. Zeus then decided that Persephone will be spending one third of the year in the under world with her husband and the rest in mount Olympus with her mother. That is the tale but the most important part for me is that is they way ancient Greeks explained the four seasons of 4 months of bad weather and 8 months of good weather. Putting magic in simple daily matters is what I treasure most.
Actually that was the biggest of my disappointments from this movie but for the sake of the scenario and the movie's plot I see the necessity of drawing it in that way.

Uma Therman was sensational, she could make snake-hair look envious!She spur magnificence and superiority of a goddess as Medusa implored! Although she is an amazing actress, the rest of the movie where her 'head' was carried around like a football was not in her forte...

The movie is based on a book, yes it is!check it here !As I am a book saga fan I would give it a go as I have heard a lot of positive feedback of addiction in the series but not after the movie. The ridiculously obvious solutions to their obstacles was really making me gag and thus lay aside the protagonists nature to be a hero to simple luck to find the exact puzzle piece to every obstacle! See golden drachmas coins found by chance in their first stop and actually putting them in the pocket and then miraculously being useful to pay the boat keeper to pass them through the under world! I actually saw through it when they found them in the first place!so cliché!
Please do not think my criticism mean, or vengeance of the lost two hours of my life. I blame it to my undying hope to watch films and still being amazed by them and having no clue how its going to end! The movie was good, i give you that, good actors and good acting(!), good effects, good costumes and good themes but in the purpose of entertainment shouldn't there be some suspense on the final outcome maybe being a disaster????can't they confuse us a tiny bitty??

In this thread I am led to speak of one of the best movies I have seen which undeniably refutes the inability of modern cinema to entertain with new innovative movies.
That is 'The Lovely Bones'. Aaahhh. Only in the view of the poster I miss the sweetness of this movie... Saoirse Ronan plays Suzzie Salmon, *like the fish* as she says, and she is the victim of a vicious man. Although he movie is a thriller the actual murder is never shown. I believe the movie actually gives the same sense as a book does when you know all the facts about the murder, you haven't gone through it but you know how it felt and what happened exactly to the second!Does this makes sense to you? it does to me:)
Even the setting of 1970s inspires a romanticism in this sweetness that comes out of Saoirse Ronan. She did look familiar,,, and with imdb's help I found her out in Atonement as the spoiled little jealous sister! I so can't wait her next project, she is amazing!
This movie goes in the top 10 of forever (which says alot) and its storyline is quite simple, also coming from a book of the author Alice Sebold. After I watched the movie I thought of reading the book but of course it was so vivid in my mind (still is 3 months later) that I chose to read her other work called 'Lucky' a memoir about her rape in her college years. Well, I left it midway, it was making me sad, even though maybe the second part would lift me up and show the strength that came after such a devastating experience but still it didn't hold me. Hopefully around summer I'll get it out of my mind enough to read the book..

To close this post and to relieve you from concern that I had a bad time during the Percy Jackson and the Olympian lightning thief movie I have to confess that me and my 2 friends did enjoy ourselves as we laughed till we cried, we even made the rest of the audience laugh with our shrieks! From that aspect it was the most entertaining movie ever!(no pun intended) Maybe I will try the books in inspiration of Harry Potter style of kid-found out he's special-superpowers-fighting