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Monday, June 28, 2010

MorganVille Vampires - Up to No 7

I don't know how it happens, I guess I get to know the author's writing personality and now the books just flow!!!3 hours a day x 2 days and one book less till the end!!!
I finished both book 6 - Carpe Corpus - too much action on that one, harder to follow but more interesting in every page, and book 7 in 2 days each!!Now the baseline story is just the reality where I can wrap my thoughts around and the story flows so nicely!I really love this series!Not adore though...
I am afraid I am self-brainwashing myself with too much reading and my mind-hard drive will have to erase old memories or University info to store these stories!!!Is that possible?I guess better a book rather than tons of movies and images flickering in my mind right?I invest more on my imagination!!
The truth is that I never leave my imagination to linger, just linger not even be expressed. I never invested time in creating art, and what small part was too logic oriented, and I think I should find a way to flow it outwards...
Anyway, about book 7:
The love affair between Shane and Claire is amazingly cute and romantic...and she still has her insecurities!how cute is that!?but Bleaze do not stop on Shane's hotness because I am drawling over him!!!!!!!he must be a hunk!!!
And the video tapes of the bedrooms----hahahahahah that was so funny I couldn't go on reading!!!
these books are entertainment on its prime - worth every page!!!
going for number 8...

] The Morganville Vampires series

  1. Glass Houses (October 2006, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-21994-5)[3]
  2. The Dead Girls' Dance (April 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22089-7)
  3. Midnight Alley (October 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22238-5)
  4. Feast of Fools (June 2008, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22463-9)
  5. Lord of Misrule (January 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22572-4)
  6. Carpe Corpus (June 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22719-0)
  7. Fade Out (November 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22866-9) going for number 8...

  8. Kiss of Death (April 27, 2010, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22973-8)
  9. Ghost Town (scheduled October 26, 2010, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23161-9)
  10. Bite Club (scheduled Spring 2011)
Oi!It seems like the last one till October!!hope its ending is not as bad as 1,2,3, and 4 - 5,6,7 was quite subtle but for the first ones I had to start the next one asap!!!