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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fragile Eternity

Fragile Eternity was
ok. B P L E A S E . The ongoing debate of Aislinn choosing between Keenan and Seth got recycled over and over and over... Thank you Seth for going to Feary to the High Court and gave some interesting experiences for the Feary world or else I would have been bored to death. I adore Aislinn's effection for Seth but girl get your mind straight already!
My court 0r my heart, my heart or my court...blah blah blah...
I did get weirded out on how every new character and protagonist becomes
suddendly very very very important in the Feary world. Aislinn-Summer Court in book 1, Leslie-Dark Court in book 2, Seth-High Court in book 3 but what importance!Seth is the Summer Queens beloved, the Dark Kings brother, and the High Queens son.... too many identities mark has been reached......
At first I wanted to see where this ongoing debate would end but book 4 is about a new inserted story about
Anie-new Court of Shadows-book 4 which was the most thrilling and adventurous so far!
Anie as a character, way better than Aislinn. Anie is a Hound and she can bit your head of hell be damned!!!!!:) She is the one on the cover and the tattoo's meaning comes out but in the end.
I also liked Devlin, he was bound to rise to power one way or another!I would love to kick Sorcha's ass for being so absent minded with the whole Feary world!!!
PS:Marr (author) forgot all about Anie's still living mother Jillian whose memory was erased once abducted and transferred to live in Feary for both Annie's and her own safety!!what happened with that reunion??
I do believe that the author in the end kind of roughed up the edges to hurry up the books end but it was the cost for giving the reader such a
luscious story full of drama, fight, self-inspection and of course falling in love bits. :)
I hope Rae's role does get a happy ending because being a mortal dream-walker is kind of dead-end job..
Last point, drums pleaze:
Niall asked for his dreams to be tied with Iri's!!it came out from a joke but it actually happened it the end!!
what did that mean???we have read that Iri is in love with Niall since forever and that they have been companions in the dark days but that was the epitome of their relationship!!Irial was wounded though and Bananach did say that Iri had about of a fourthnight worth of life span- so is that the happy ending for them two???They are both so strong and misterious and if in love, they do deserve finding their passion through the bond they share!(no discriminations in love!!!!)

I am sad the new book comes in Feb 2011, I'd like the ending so I can close up this whooole story once and for all!It's so addictive!bo, on my way to a new book saga!any suggestions???i do have a couple already in line!:P