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Thursday, March 11, 2010

'percy jackson and the olympian lightning thief'

This is a fictional movie about a secret born demi-god of the 12 gods of Olympous world. Well. If you consider greek mythology fiction then you might cover it up..
I am Greek so basic knowledge of mythology is set in my mind since childhood, so I am annoyed that Persephone's tale is totally mixed up as she's one of my favorites.
Persephone is the daughter of Demetra, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus promised her as a wife to Pluto, the ruler of the under world and master of Hades, but he decided to abduct her. That made Demetra so sad that all agriculture died and humans suffered. Zeus then decided that Persephone will be spending one third of the year in the under world with her husband and the rest in mount Olympus with her mother. That is the tale but the most important part for me is that is they way ancient Greeks explained the four seasons of 4 months of bad weather and 8 months of good weather. Putting magic in simple daily matters is what I treasure most.
Actually that was the biggest of my disappointments from this movie but for the sake of the scenario and the movie's plot I see the necessity of drawing it in that way.

Uma Therman was sensational, she could make snake-hair look envious!She spur magnificence and superiority of a goddess as Medusa implored! Although she is an amazing actress, the rest of the movie where her 'head' was carried around like a football was not in her forte...

The movie is based on a book, yes it is!check it here !As I am a book saga fan I would give it a go as I have heard a lot of positive feedback of addiction in the series but not after the movie. The ridiculously obvious solutions to their obstacles was really making me gag and thus lay aside the protagonists nature to be a hero to simple luck to find the exact puzzle piece to every obstacle! See golden drachmas coins found by chance in their first stop and actually putting them in the pocket and then miraculously being useful to pay the boat keeper to pass them through the under world! I actually saw through it when they found them in the first place!so cliché!
Please do not think my criticism mean, or vengeance of the lost two hours of my life. I blame it to my undying hope to watch films and still being amazed by them and having no clue how its going to end! The movie was good, i give you that, good actors and good acting(!), good effects, good costumes and good themes but in the purpose of entertainment shouldn't there be some suspense on the final outcome maybe being a disaster????can't they confuse us a tiny bitty??

In this thread I am led to speak of one of the best movies I have seen which undeniably refutes the inability of modern cinema to entertain with new innovative movies.
That is 'The Lovely Bones'. Aaahhh. Only in the view of the poster I miss the sweetness of this movie... Saoirse Ronan plays Suzzie Salmon, *like the fish* as she says, and she is the victim of a vicious man. Although he movie is a thriller the actual murder is never shown. I believe the movie actually gives the same sense as a book does when you know all the facts about the murder, you haven't gone through it but you know how it felt and what happened exactly to the second!Does this makes sense to you? it does to me:)
Even the setting of 1970s inspires a romanticism in this sweetness that comes out of Saoirse Ronan. She did look familiar,,, and with imdb's help I found her out in Atonement as the spoiled little jealous sister! I so can't wait her next project, she is amazing!
This movie goes in the top 10 of forever (which says alot) and its storyline is quite simple, also coming from a book of the author Alice Sebold. After I watched the movie I thought of reading the book but of course it was so vivid in my mind (still is 3 months later) that I chose to read her other work called 'Lucky' a memoir about her rape in her college years. Well, I left it midway, it was making me sad, even though maybe the second part would lift me up and show the strength that came after such a devastating experience but still it didn't hold me. Hopefully around summer I'll get it out of my mind enough to read the book..

To close this post and to relieve you from concern that I had a bad time during the Percy Jackson and the Olympian lightning thief movie I have to confess that me and my 2 friends did enjoy ourselves as we laughed till we cried, we even made the rest of the audience laugh with our shrieks! From that aspect it was the most entertaining movie ever!(no pun intended) Maybe I will try the books in inspiration of Harry Potter style of kid-found out he's special-superpowers-fighting


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