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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ink Exchange

Unfortunately I didn't see the book cover when I read it - it is quite suited for the book. The book is more sexy than the first one as Leslie is more dark and pained than Aislinn with more trauma to overcome thus stronger and more admirable. The trick was how to bring up a story with the same traits but with new bravado!well Leslie was attached to the king of the Dark Court, Irial, thus being part of the Dark Court as a vessel for the humans' emotions which is the Dark feys' food source. The story was magnifique and Leslie was an amazing character to meet. Where I lost it was Nial, Nial was in the first book, Keenan's guardian, who has as it seems quite a history with Irial - that I accept but he was so into Leslie and after all that happened between them I think there was something missing. Maybe creating their own court?I don't know but something should have initiated from their amazing connection!!! Most unfortunatley Leslie's connection to Irial rather than to Nial, was sexier and alot more powerful!Still though I remember Seth's calmness and solidity with jealousy for Aislinn.......
By the way, I amazon-ed the third book and we go back to Aislinn and Keenan!?wtf?why no body told me sooner???so I could read that one first!!!!!!!:D

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