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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials

The trials begin when the group thought they reached the line and safety. That was the worse feeling: grasping safety and calamity and losing it all in one glimpse. The plot thickens with another group of girls and one boy, a mirror to their own. The Gladers follow once again the route to the solution, and Thomas's role starts to submerge as the leader and key to their trials and the supposedly cure to the supposed disease of the Flare that has infested the whole human race.
The book finishes in the end of again another end line of safety and I just want to know why this all happens!!!seriously!and I'll have to wait till Oct 2011 for that!thanks alot!

So instead of the summary I wrote a summary turned criticism....
Really I cannot figure out why when they went through all of the desert and found the save heaven they had to be attacked by mean tall light-bulb-covered monsters one for each for them to finish the trial... That's why I need to know the end of No 3- all these trials make NO SENSE and I better find out that it was worth the ride or else I'm flying to the USA (I guess with such imagination thats where he is from) and / or shaming him in every book blog I can reach in my fast-typing fingers,,,,