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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Duke and I, Julia Quinn

I have returned to historical romance, it is a fact!!!!
I missed it sooo much!!!!Julia Quinn has a wonderful way of finding the most convincing problems and pretenses for a couple not to be together!!!!and finally through bonding and intimacy they make it through!It is so real life (in no way realistic) as alive and felt like you are there!!!
Praises praises to the author!
Now I'm flirting with the idea to read some of Lisa Kleypas, whose writings have been distinguished in a number of historical/romance fiction sites and have been associated with Julia Quinn's works. So ahead we go with 'Someone to Watch Over Me' which I chose as it has won the most writing awards when published while it was not her first book.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

upcoming books on the series I read so far!!

--Sequel of Fallen, Lauren Kate
1. Tornment, Sep 30, 2010

--Caster Chronicles, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

1.Beautiful Darkness, October 12th, 2010

-- Morganville Vampires , Rachel Caine
  1. Ghost Town (scheduled October 26, 2010, NAL Hardcover
  2. Bite Club (scheduled Spring 2011)
-- Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz

1. Misguided Angel : A Blue Bloods Novel October 26, 2010

-- Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

1. Last Sacrifice, to be released December 7, 2010

-- Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

1. Darkness Mercy, February 22, 2011

-- The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare

1.City of Fallen Angels is set to be released in March 11, 2011

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Julia Quinn-Perfect summer read

Well I am going backwards to historical romance novels-vampires don't do it for me anymore although I don't think I left any good book series unread!I came upon a 'Vampire Diaries' - no 5 to be exact and thought to give it a go!First, did you know that the actual character -whats her name?- is blonde?i love the tv series but please-blonde and bad-ass difficult to manage:D Plus the first 2 chapters were for what happened in the last books- Bpleaze!she died-she was a spirit-then came back to earth-became a vamp and thanks to her spirit-ness she is a super vamp!!come on!!stretching it a bit??I dropped it-I really don't like dropping books but come on!!

So back to Julia-I ordered 10 more books , mostly Julia's, from - amazing prices , only the postage is the actual cost!I also got Anna Karenina in hope to pull it through but we shall see!
I am looking forward for books that challenge me but no homework please- during vacations (maybe that was my mistake) I started 'The lost Symbol' by Dan Brown and I f
ound it more work that pleasure and on my way to the cafe I saw a book sale and picked up Julia's book.

Julia Quinn has the exact balance on romance, social standards and depth of characters to get you hooked up!!I am a fan of Jo Beverley - but her era where her worlds take place are prior to Julia's and hence the social faux pas are alot stronger, plus Julia's writing is alot lighter and flowing-can't describe it any better!:)

So I'm gonna plunge on Julia and leave Dan for later this fall - don't know if I'll make it to 100 guys.....well I guess I'll set a higher goal for next year!