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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Immortals : Evermore - Alyson Noel

1) Soulmates recuring in different lifetimes - Fallen
2) The O.C. scene -the O.C.
3) Dead parents/ guilt trips - not liking the rich - Blue Bloods Schyler
4) name Damean - The Vampire Diaries -haven't read it but seen the tv series..
5) Red head trying to kill you - hello!!Eclipse!!!

New stuff :
1) Love the hoodie and ipod phase
2) Super powers - mind reading, aura seeing, predictions
3) Ghosts showing up
4) Immortals versus vampires - thanks sooo much for that one although its weird how its manifested from studying and perfecting his fathers formula based in alchemy

Ok, I still don't know what the red tulip means!!!!ok googled it-undying love... blah blah...
I have not seen the Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst (although I am a fan) but it was crazy romantic but a bit off - not enough souroundings and too specific..
I think it was too fake, yep fake, too perfect to roll the moment!!!
But loved the idea of the black gown and the uninvited crush dressing up as her match - it was mentioned a bit too much tho...
But that's just me....

I did have some problems since my ebook was in a bad shape: it had some paragraphs missing but the text flowed and I went through it in a day!:)
A bit too much on the noise and bother the super powers got her and ending up an alcoholic?Because Drinia messed up with her head?The whole Drinia character was of - too random and insignificant to actually explain what she did and how she did it.... A bit of explaination would make her more believable - I wouldn't sympathase ever!
And her name!!Ever!!!! Like her name is 'Ever' - how is that pronounced?like 'ive' from Eve or like the word ever???lol
off for the second book!
I would put this series right after Blue Bloods and before fallen!yep!
talk to you around!