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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I noticed Emma Stone from the 'House Bunny'(2008) and I've been waiting on this movie for a month plus!I watched it in bad quality but so totally worth it!!!!!She is my new role model!Funny, cute and totally cool!Not afraid to make fun of herself at all and charming as well!!!I would have to note that her co-star in this movie Amanda Bynes was on that track as well with movies like 'What a Girl Wants'(2003) and 'She's the Man'(2008) till she got all puffed up in the face (literally) because of plastic surgery or natural growth(the online debate goes on all around).
So this movie.... has Amanda as a total smart and self confident to the point of not carring about rummors- high-school-popularity that makes it interesting and totaly relatable to grown ups who hated high school (who doesn't). Of course it has a love twisth with Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley (I had to copy paste his name as I don't admire him at all...) but she makes it all work - like the movie is good because she is good!I can't stop using exclamation marks!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reminding me what a good movie feels like!!Easy to watch and easy to be cheered up by it!Cheers!!!!