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Friday, November 19, 2010

Misguided Angel, Melissa de la Cruz

Now I know why I couldn't finish Torment -it def sucked...
Misguided Angel flew off, I was reading it away!I missed that!

Schyler and Jack flee from their protector turned captor the duchess while continuing her grandfathers research.
We learn about Venators - immortals who serve at least 50 times in good faith and gain the job/privilege of protecting Blue Bloods. Mimi is the Regent of the NY coven - she faces an abduction of a vampire and calls in Deming Chen from the Shanghai Coven to solve the case...
The narrator turns to her which is new and interesting!Deming is one of the twins we met briefly at the Coming Out party of our Blue Bloods of Masquarade.

It was interesting!!yei!!!cheers!!def recommended!!!!

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