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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, I was looking forward to this book because of its plot - sci fi / different view of reality. Well, I also chose to 'read' it in audiobook. So 2 strikes- the book is a copy of 1984 without the political aspects and the teenage drama exceeding the cuteness of it all. Plus, the audiobook read by .. well I don't know but she is a slow one!!!9 hours!!!for 380 pages!geezz - and so it took me a week to 'read' it. So as for the blue pill, the green and the red - seriously try to work it better:
the blue is a nutrition pill, the green a relaxation pill and the red a forget the last 12 hours pill. Every citizen has to carry all three in a box in case they are ordered to take any. But seriously every time they are ordered can't they just give them then???the green is taken by choice and limited to 1 per week...
I only liked Kay- he was smart but played the games and lost, was mediocre at work and knew alot but never talked, he was wise. I also liked the name Cassia -cashews anyone?:P