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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no more Immortals - off to the Vampire Academy!:P

So I did start the Immortals 3, but I soo needed to stop it, so boring man!Not being able to touch and still ok with it?I'm not ok with it!As I googled on whats up later on I saw that Roman gets more involved and I just don't like him at all!
And this genetic-disease that Damen has that cannot touch or kiss or anything with Ever - guys this is SOOOO STOLEN!!! check out Dark Angel (2000) episode 1 season 2 where the exact thing happened-but the virus was in her blood!!!:)

Moving on, my new step in modern literature is the Vampire Academy - I saw it everywhere and it seemed harmless enough so I gave it a go....
Easy and readable , reminds me a lot of the House of Dark series by PC Cast from the surroundings - cannot explain it - I think its the way they are described. Yep, I can think of Stevie-Ray when I think about their similarities!!LoL!!
I love Rose - all the fighting and power and bossiness she has - I want to adopt, well in a while bcs I'm too tired to even read more books... or just excuses - you know how that goes!!
So I finished book 1 - Vampire Academy and I did it in 3 days I think.
Lissa is too weak I believe but Dimitri I love!Even though I love russian and all about the Eastern Europe and hate when they try to use its mystery aura Richelle Mead uses it with respect :D.
So I'm on book 2 now,,,, talk to yaaalll laters!!