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Friday, June 4, 2010

WiCkEd LoVeLy

This was a nice off the rail fantasy romance...
Aislinn is her name, I don't know how its pronounced but a nice one for the reader!
Her relationship with Seth - hot best friend who turns out to be the best boyfriend ever - reminds me of my current situation with my best friend who made a move and I embraced it with nothing in return, no pressure, questions or anything and he is still afraid, he backed out. What do I do then? Leave him off since he doesn't have the courage to stand up and be with me?I didn't even ask him as much!
This is insane.. The worst part is that I lost my best friend because even if I don't wish it, I cannot trust him with my feelings anymore because in a way he rejected me eventhough its his insecurity that does,,,,
Well my guy lacks what Seth had. B*LLS. Bleazeeee!!!!
so i am -1 on my friends lists and -1 on the list of my potential soulmates!!
thats a NO-NO situation pour moi don't you think??
So for the book - the story line was amazing, parallel to the real world and actually possible with not so many exaggerations... I would say that its a great substitute for Twilight fans to find our fix in paranormal romance!But I have to admit that I tried to read Twilight after all this time and it felt boring or tending to boring so I left it till I actually miss it so as not to resent it in the end!
In the beginning it was trouble to actually get how different the faeries were even within their own kind. There is the Winter Court, Summer Court, the Higher Court and the Dark Court -I think it was one more?maybe... and they live among us but we cannot see them - ouuuuu spooky!
Anyway, I seriously consumed this book in like 4 days without even trying!!!!
Now I'm off for the second book of the series 'Ink Exchange'.
We'll see!