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Thursday, July 1, 2010

MorganVille Vampires- see you in Oct

MorganVille Vampires Book 8: Kiss Of Death

I'll miss Shane, and Claire and most especially EVE!!!She has taught me so many comeback lines to tap off any argument!She showed me that you don't have to always comply to acceptable answers to arguments and with some wittiness and loads of nerve you can hit somebody with your words!Of course not the flipping them off parts which Eve loves so much...
Shane is the sweetest bad boy-dont-know-what-I-feel boy and he is cool and adorable!Hands up if you too are in love with him!!!!!!
As for Claire : I know that the main character must be from toes to head into heroic energy with no fear of danger so as the action keeps going and the book eventually unravells but (always a but) a bit too much this time!She's a bit too perfect- in book 6 Claire was a bit insecure with Shane and in book 7 about her job with Myrnin so it felt more realistic. Now Claire has evolved into a woman ready to take charge - with what cost on her character?her value as a fictional character that is - not her personality.
The fact that I see her as that, makes it bad for the book..... I was seing her as a person not a character-you know what I mean.... Like in Harry Potter - they were persons, whose story I wished it came true soooo much but I have never seen them as fictional characters, not until years later when I was more pragmatic on the whole thing of it not ever being true!!I sooooo wanted to be a wizard (ok witch..), I even enrolled online on one of the Hogwards School thingings and had homework and such..... buhhuuuuuu Even now I feel sorrow and grief from that dream :p

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