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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anxiety and scary self

How is that possible?
I am healthy, empowered and with so many opportunities ahead of me (in the short term at least) and I am frozen out by anxiety!And I don't know what it causes it!
my weight-i don't care,
my family-the more i go through this self-analyzing the more I see how elastic and helpful they are - even though there is the anxiety that I will disappoint them...
my friends- I have long thought of them as external factors-I don't really rely on them anymore
my carrier - well this is interlinked to my family and me-not-disappointing-them.
I am so exhausted in proving myself to them, that I realised I had to prove myself to me!and nobody else!at first at least... so now I feel like I need to go all over it for their sake. Do I make sense?My self-exploration has been very productive and has funded my confidence and trust in myself. But what's up now?
It has to do with my family and the job- this anxiety, this 3kg rock sitting on my chest.
I don't think it has to do wirth any specific member of my family. I think it's me, again, there's something more I have to fix in me - and get into action!into living my life!!!
I'm sleepy, goodnight