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Friday, June 18, 2010

MoRgAnViLLe VaMpIrEs: Glass Houses

I started it only yesterday!!!how weird@@@@@
It was fun - seriously fun and easy flowing without alot of complications but with alot of juice!!!
This gets a 10/10!
Claire - the book geek who is @ college level by the age of 16 moves to TLC university/school (i didn't get exactly what) so she won't go to uni out of state ASAP-she's that smart.
So she get's hazed-really badly - beaten up badly - by this girl Monica and her crew (I belive the term 'Monikettes' was childish but no-one's perfect) really beat her up man!
So cool!But I have her in my mind as really ass scary/loco/crazy but fun to stand up to as Claire did!
So in order to get out of Monica's way she ends up in this house to rent a room where Eve (Goth-big sis character), Michael (paranormal, hot-mysterious and big bro figure) and Shane ( sexy,lazy and kind of high all the time with ninja skills) live like a family giving out a comfort and familiarity that even I was jealous of....
So the plot thickens as Claire moves in but still provokes Monica et al. and eventually a whole story unravels on the vampires who live in that town, Morganville, and the rest gets so mixed but still with a simplicity such as watching a movie!!!Such and easy read!!!I actually missed enjoying reading! !!!
Claire is bookwormy but easygoing and nice with a twist of humor and a lot of bravery :)
At first I couldn't figure out if it was Michael or Shane the target of the love story - Michael was the obvious choice since he was the Alpha there but then Claire started noticing Eve's glimpses and I wasn't sure untill she actually asked him if he liked Eve...
But still then the plot wasn't for sure as Shane was friendly and fun with no hints - which I loved!!!!thank you thank you for not making it another predictable story!!!
Seriously now, this book flowed so easily I started thinking of movie scenes and it occured to me that I have substituted tv and movies with books!That is I was feeling bad that my head was so full of movie shenes, actors, background music and small details because I was a movie freak and now I am a book freak!Even though it is not as easy as in the movies I have figured out the hints and threads the author gives for giving up the plot and the continuation of the story!So I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

What's next?
Lets see book 2!and its the weekend?maybe till Monday??
ps:i think it should be Glass House not Glass Houses since its the name of the house they live (Michael Glass owns it)....;)