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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretties, Scott Westerfeld

She is pretty, finally. But no of the reasons of anticipations of being pretty give rise in this book. They don't matter any more as more problems are to be dealt with. She has a boy friend, she has a clique to get voted into and then all goes wooshy as she is coming to her senses as 'bubbly'. Her best friend Shay is angry because she didn't get the cure, shan's her and becomes leader of her own colt the 'Cutters' who cut themselves to get a fraction of 'bubbly'. Then she goes 'Special' and eventually when captured she's the one to tell Tally she's going 'Special' as well.
Tally when escaping she ended up into a village of 'hommo sapiens' who live like savages, sleep all together in one hut and have no sense of privacy, literacy, or higene. Also, they have a rival tribe with whom they have a vendeta and kill one person from the rival in response to the previous kill the other tribe did. A vicious cirle that is produced and watched by anthopologists and neurologists to help develop the lenients on the brain that contain anger and vegence and from being 'bubbly'. This part did nothing for me and greatly hope that it will mean a great lot for the next book because its whole meaning ends up only to Tally's delay to the New Smoke by 2 weeks.