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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New books!!!within a week,,,

New books I've finished!first one is:
Traditional Regencies --> The Fortune Hunter : Amy (Amethyst) and Harry Crisp
and the second, just finished today:
Malloren Family --> Tempting Fortune : Bryght and Portia

The traditional regency suggests no obscene scenes of sex which is preferable since my initial inclination to regency romance is the propriety and limits of sexual innuendoes in everyday life, something that today is unheard of. So with the absence of such intrusive descriptions the occasional disheveling and prohibited arousal of the heroes is much more entertaining and effective than the actual act's detailed descriptions.
It is rather like when a woman wears a dress see-through showing off everything and with no underwear and a lucius woman wearing a decent dress suggesting that she might not be wearing any underwear. You get the hint?Better leaving something for the imagination
Less is more...
Hence my belief that anyone can be a slut but can you be a hunter?Having men as pray rather than being their victims?
ouf, that is why I love those stories. The men heroes are falling for their women flat out because they are drawn to them. That is not happening anywhere near my 'suitors'. They are cold hearted from their fear of closeness and intimacy or run away at the first sight of comfortability.

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