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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Maze Runner, James Dashner

Thomas, a kid, woke up in a place he didn't know, with people he didn't recognize and a memory that couldn't help him more than his name and his basic instincts. He now has to live in the Glader, the center of the maze that serves as the safe (from the Grinders - killers loose in the maze) living quarters for the kids sent here to survive with tools and supplies provided by the Creators all for one purpose: to find the solution of the maze and go home. Or so they thought....

The books was a mystery, and a tricky one at that! All the questions were frustrating and the characters were giving me a good run for them but in the end patience had to be adopted. I hoped the complexity of the mystery would be worth it and it totally did!!But it only made me more
curious for the second book!!!!ai ai ai!!!I guess I have to oblige to my curiosity! I loved the puzzle most of all, it was tricky because at some points I flirted with the idea of skipping some parts but it wouldn't be the same - the lazy parts always give way to the build up of the good parts of a book :) Totally worth being no1 book for 2011!Happy new year!