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Thursday, March 17, 2011


A fantasy novel of another world all together!No scifi, no distant future, just imagination!But Katsa has so many common features with Katniss. She is a survivor as well!

I adore the theme of the Graced - one eye different color of the other shown up a while after birth, when graced owned by the king till the grace shows and see if the king can use it. Amazing concept with alot of conformity to logic.

Also, it is kind of relaxing not having to worry about cams, police and the over-civilized world where everyone knows everything. This book's setting is 7 kingdoms, where forests, mountains and valleys supplying Katsa with alot of time with Po in their travels.

I believe I was getting anxious just to forsee any problems the main character may have in case the author let it show as a mistake and then make them pay for it. Like when you see the holes and hints the director gives you in a movie and you kinda figure out the ending from the first 30 minutes....