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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Uglies

At first I thought it was gonna be a story about teenage drama and insecurities and it turned out a rebel against the Capitol kind of thing!I found it in the 'others buy' options at amazon when searching for the Hunger Games. The fact is that after the Hunger Games I was hungry for more Kantiss but no fourth book or anything and the closure had had to be satisfying-nothing was missing... Eventhough it sais in wikipedia that the love triangle between Katniss , Gale and Peeta remains unsolved but it does, quite quietly:P
So this book is exactly in the spirit of rebellion-with serious problems not just insecurities or puberty!But the only setback holding me back from flying through the story and shows some cracks is the abilities of the main character, Tally, to do alot of stuff out of nowhere with no disconfort. First she survives the wilderness, she accepts the limitations of the Smoke with no complaint, she accepts that Pretties also sustain brain damage in their transformation, she kicks ass and fights with almost no fear-the thoughts include only storytelling in the action scenes.
Still I'm up for the second book!cheers