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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Viscount Who Loved Me

This book was another Julia Quinn feast for my reading. I keep wondering how I can stand them, I mean I am very realistic and anti-romantic - I once on a date asked the guy :"Are you gonna kiss me now or what?"
well I didn't like him that much so I didn't care.
But it is like I can spend time with her characters, spend my time - does that qualify as a hobby? or is it even considered reading books? I reached 58 books last year and at least half were of historical romance genre. Is that considered a literary accomplishment?
Still, I was never -ever!-bookish, uni was spent in a flash just merely passing my classes to get the diploma with no effort, my read book list included Harry Potter, the memoirs of a Geisha and 2 Philippa Gregory on Henry VIII era. So from there I moved to Jo Beverly's novels- which I adored- till I tried out Julia Quinn where my fascination took its peak!Julia's books were like walk through the park compared to Jo's. Jo Beverly was more detailed and tiring (lets say..) while Julia is so much more fun and mischevious!
So hear hear to Ms Julia Quinn!
I was googling for a pic for this post and I came across this one above - so cliché... Reminds me of a friend who commented that my readings are Harlequin as in Harlequin Enterprises of romance books. Here lies my dillema whether my reading list is actually that - reading...

Links to two Julia Quinn's quizzes:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials

The trials begin when the group thought they reached the line and safety. That was the worse feeling: grasping safety and calamity and losing it all in one glimpse. The plot thickens with another group of girls and one boy, a mirror to their own. The Gladers follow once again the route to the solution, and Thomas's role starts to submerge as the leader and key to their trials and the supposedly cure to the supposed disease of the Flare that has infested the whole human race.
The book finishes in the end of again another end line of safety and I just want to know why this all happens!!!seriously!and I'll have to wait till Oct 2011 for that!thanks alot!

So instead of the summary I wrote a summary turned criticism....
Really I cannot figure out why when they went through all of the desert and found the save heaven they had to be attacked by mean tall light-bulb-covered monsters one for each for them to finish the trial... That's why I need to know the end of No 3- all these trials make NO SENSE and I better find out that it was worth the ride or else I'm flying to the USA (I guess with such imagination thats where he is from) and / or shaming him in every book blog I can reach in my fast-typing fingers,,,,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Maze Runner, James Dashner

Thomas, a kid, woke up in a place he didn't know, with people he didn't recognize and a memory that couldn't help him more than his name and his basic instincts. He now has to live in the Glader, the center of the maze that serves as the safe (from the Grinders - killers loose in the maze) living quarters for the kids sent here to survive with tools and supplies provided by the Creators all for one purpose: to find the solution of the maze and go home. Or so they thought....

The books was a mystery, and a tricky one at that! All the questions were frustrating and the characters were giving me a good run for them but in the end patience had to be adopted. I hoped the complexity of the mystery would be worth it and it totally did!!But it only made me more
curious for the second book!!!!ai ai ai!!!I guess I have to oblige to my curiosity! I loved the puzzle most of all, it was tricky because at some points I flirted with the idea of skipping some parts but it wouldn't be the same - the lazy parts always give way to the build up of the good parts of a book :) Totally worth being no1 book for 2011!Happy new year!