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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ba-bye Tally Youngblood

The protagonist is not Tally in this book, it is Aya, she is japanese from what I gather - bows when greeting, a thousand oregamy hand-made when a girl turns thirteen and eventually when she meets Tally on the second half of the book she switches to english. Scott did an amazing job - keeping the nice qualities that Tally's character had and giving them to Aya's way of story-telling and protraying everything. But at some point after they meet and collaborate Aya goes off on her own and after some revelations on the plot she seeks Tally out from some bombing-making activities and I saw that I missed knowing what Tally was up to!!!!
It seems I liked Tally alot but thanks to the Aya character it won't be so dificult to let her go!:)