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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Julia Quinn-Perfect summer read

Well I am going backwards to historical romance novels-vampires don't do it for me anymore although I don't think I left any good book series unread!I came upon a 'Vampire Diaries' - no 5 to be exact and thought to give it a go!First, did you know that the actual character -whats her name?- is blonde?i love the tv series but please-blonde and bad-ass difficult to manage:D Plus the first 2 chapters were for what happened in the last books- Bpleaze!she died-she was a spirit-then came back to earth-became a vamp and thanks to her spirit-ness she is a super vamp!!come on!!stretching it a bit??I dropped it-I really don't like dropping books but come on!!

So back to Julia-I ordered 10 more books , mostly Julia's, from - amazing prices , only the postage is the actual cost!I also got Anna Karenina in hope to pull it through but we shall see!
I am looking forward for books that challenge me but no homework please- during vacations (maybe that was my mistake) I started 'The lost Symbol' by Dan Brown and I f
ound it more work that pleasure and on my way to the cafe I saw a book sale and picked up Julia's book.

Julia Quinn has the exact balance on romance, social standards and depth of characters to get you hooked up!!I am a fan of Jo Beverley - but her era where her worlds take place are prior to Julia's and hence the social faux pas are alot stronger, plus Julia's writing is alot lighter and flowing-can't describe it any better!:)

So I'm gonna plunge on Julia and leave Dan for later this fall - don't know if I'll make it to 100 guys.....well I guess I'll set a higher goal for next year!