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Friday, March 12, 2010

My literature journey so far

It is crazy how I never enjoyed reading books before. I remember when at fourteen I came across the third book of Harry Potter and I was infatuated. In the first scene of book 1 when uncle Vernon is chasing around the influx of mail owls with the letter of acceptance from Hogwarts I laughed my heart out; I remember myself all alone in open air without a sound (I was near the sea) all around but my laughter. Then I realized that books can be fun!
After the Harry Potter feast I didn't seek any other source of reading, I did go through Dan Brown and Eight, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Constant Princess but they did not make much of a mark in my way of thinking.
Maybe 'the Constant Princess' did affect me in depth: a historical novel by Philippa Gregory about Catherine the first wife of Henry the VII who overcome all obstacles and ate up her pride and honor to get the end she fought for. I do not believe that I would like her if I met this character in real but I did admire her courage!
Coming up I read The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory as well. She has taken on all of the women of Henry the VII and made a fictional novel of each. The movie was ok (2008) mostly because of the costumes and Scarlett-undying fan of hers I am- and so since I had read the Constant Princes even before the movie was out I felt I had forgotten Catherine enough to pludge into Mary Boleyn. I must say I felt Catherine's companion and co-sufferer but with Mary I was just an observant of her experiences. Not that that is bad but it was just happening with no feelings! I adore that era so I kept indulging myself in the manners and courtship of it all.

In 2008 I began my current job but didn't bother me till I was a psychological mess in the rise of 2009 and the economic crisis...
That was when I downloaded a CAM version of Twilight just to find something to go numb-of-thought over. It was cute and enticing and after the 'google effect' found out that it came from a book!How convinient to have some time in my hands and actually find it in pdf then and there!I downloaded it and didn't stop reading!That was Tuesday.
The on-screen-reading didn't bother me, so I went on to the second by Friday. Fortunately, a friend was going to London for vacation just for the weekend so by Sunday I had all four books on paperback and was just beginning the third book.
Stephanie Meyer saved my sanity in that time of my life. I was lost in my real life and found a world to which I can escape into another world and return with a clear head to my problems.
In the following two months I read each book at least 6 times with no exaggeration. I kept moving from one part to another, opening them randomly and reading till the end and so on...
Then I realized I am torturing my self by reading them over and over and I had to give them up in order to re-capture them after I 'forget' them a bit. And so I let them go, like an addiction I didn't know what to do with my free time!Imagine I was eyeing the books like and addict!LOL:)
Then I came across forums with people with the same problem seeking other books or Sagas in order to satisfy their hunger!
All leading to the discovery of 'my anona mouse . net': a audiobook/pdf book site that has a vast selection of books, book recommendations and easy to gain points to up your torrent ratio!If I didn't gain that easy bonus points, I would definitely donate. Maybe laterz...
So I made a list of ALL the books I read in this past year (I now realize its a year since twilight!!!) with a couple out that will definitely get once out.. eventually!

Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer (paperback)
Midnight Sun
The new moon
Breaking Dawn

House of Night, P.C. Cast -Kirsten Cast (audiobooks)
Burned, 27th April 2010

Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz (aydiobooks)
Blue Bloods
The Van Allen Legacy
Misguided Angel, fall 2010
Wolf Pact, 2011

The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare (audiobooks)
City Of Bones
City Of Ashes
City Of Glass
City Of Fallen Angels, 11th March 2011

A certain Slant of Light, Laura Whitcomb (audiobook and then pdf midway)

Fallen, Lauren Kate (audiobook and pdf in the same time)
Torment, fall 2010
Rapture, 2011

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (audiobook and pdf - Fallen felt like training for Jane Eyre since she was way more challenging in its level of english)

Various Artists - The eternal Kiss (Audio)

Jo Beverley
Company of Rogues - Arranged Marriage, Nicholas and Elenor (audio)
Malloren - Winter Fire, Ash and Genova (audio)
Company of Rogues - An Unwilling Bride, Beth and Lucious (audio)
Company of Rogues - Dangerous Joy, Felicity and Miles (audio)
Secrets Trilogy - Book Two - The Secret Wedding, Dorcas and Christian (paperback)
Company of Rogues - To Rescue a Rogue - Dare and Mara (paperback)
Company of Rogues - The Rogues Return - Jancy and Simon (paperback)
Malloren - My Lady Notorious - Chastity and Cyn (pdf)
Malloren - Devilish - Beowolf and Elisabeth (pdf)
Company of Rogues' World - Lady Beware - Horatio and Thea (pdf)

Persuasion (currently on chapter 4), Jane Austen

That makes 32 books in one year since March 2009. OUAO. This is OUAO - so many world and crypts to hide over! :)

But unfortunately non of them have been inviting enough to re-read them once over. Only Jo Beverley has astonished me with her innovation: every book is so different in context, character and situations that the next but still has the same qualities and traits.

Imagine how many hours I've spent with my ipod in hand for these audiobooks!every book is around 7 to 9 hours of air time!LoL.... Most of this time was spent in work, doing paperwork, driving (mostly...I even almost crashed because I was swept away in a book..), relaxing in my sofa...

I even got my ipod with me when going out just as a protection if I get bored or I have some spare time to take it on again....Lame I know, I even took a book of Jo Beverley I hadn't read yet in case I might want to start! I believe it was a cushion for awkward situations, an escape!To what point does this addiction resemble drugs?Funny to get drug addicts into reading!!!haha would it work?with the right motivation....all is possible!
Now on Persuasion...I'm quite bored in reading as I was on listening right around when I began Jo Beverley's collection...well..

I'll see how it goes!In truth, because of my long book list so far a friend recommended me to blog about them and write critics on every one!but I see it as a very very long project so I will have this blog as whatever comes out from now on.-