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Friday, March 19, 2010

Define yourself

Who are you?What are your foundations?

I see friendship and companionship but I believe if you really learn to live without them then you can really appreciate them!Like food, if you don't eat whenever you feel like it you will appreciate it and taste it better!I think that is the foundation of my 'boulimia':when stressed I indulge myself in anything my kitchen can provide!
If I can't have comfort from a friend, or the immediate solution to the problem that stresses me then I satisfy my need with temporary satisfaction of my appetite!It sounds logical now, I understand better when analyzed into a straight line of explanatory logic.
How do we fight this?Am I supposed to 'fight' this?Maybe accept it as a part of me and do the best I can to calm myself in those waves of confusion?The worse is that exercise with endorphins doesn't help much. I used to have those stressful attacks since I was 15 and worried with my weight due to social pressures. I believe back then I felt that if I could control the increase of my weight then I would have some saying into my body's image...that didn't cover it though, I really didn't care how my body looked, not even in the summer with a bathing suit no matter how tiny...
Always feel good by yourself and then see how you feel within a crowd.
It is a sentiment that I am trying to put into words but I cannot pin it down!

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