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Friday, July 9, 2010

Did you forget my whining?

Ok, too much book reading!!!seriously!!get out more!!!!
Well, besides work I do get out, but should go out more!
My head is in a cloud, like I can't focus, like I need some iq tests to keep it sharp!
But reading is exactly that right?I fed on 20 books this past two weeks!!that must count for my intelligence not my minds deterioration!
Well, the truth is: I hate my job, I hate living with my parents, and now I can't stand my friends (they -in between them - I was too busy reading) had a fight and I CAN'T BE BOTHERED!!!
To much whining man, so I came back to my blog-whining!hahaha
I hate my job, its a family business so there is not alot of options,,, and I don't have alot of courage, energy or lack of guilt to search for something new....
They say the stronger stay and fight rather than quit and leave, right?Well I am so sick of saying we should do that to take advantage on an opportunity but I am so out of energy of doing exactly that that I am out of energy for me, like my personal life!actually that sounds quite coherent...
what to do?a break?work somewhere else for a while?
all I know is my mind is in a cloud - it is not clouded-it IS a cloud - all foggy and white noised!
I guess its my way of getting high-like my drugs to numb me out!that sounds coherent as well!!!
yei!!loads of breakthrough today!!!and with a cloudy mind!!who needs friends!!!!!hahahahah
I started the handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood, which after I found in pdf I realized that I have it in paperback from a while back and had indeed started to read it but stopped midway!!I think I remember the movie, which is sad bcs I like the book so far (pg40).
I'm going out tonight!wish me luck with my communicating skills!!!!!i am getting dumb on that one after all this reading!!!
have a nice weekend!!!

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