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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I loved the name Henry from the Tudors and the Gregory series of Henry the VIII..
But now he is a person from the book The Time Traveler's Wife.
Such a magical book with reason and easy to follow even though its basis is a labyrinth through time. At first I wanted to record all the dates and years but then I left it on the authors hands and it was amazing. I remember how happy I felt when I saw the cover and realized what it actually ment!I was so happy!its awesome!
Clare's patience, her persistence, the fact that she knew that Henry was to be her other half even though he didn't know it when they first met (Henry 28, Clare 20).
Lots of ups and down in time and ages and the only way to go is to just follow the path the author has drawn up.
Loved the way it felt, that determination of each other, the feeling that we will be together no matter what. There I see the fault in todays world. There is too much choice. Funny what with capitalism and democracy as the most popular regimes. But think about it. If you pick someone and stick with your choice no matter what, you will be happy because you will work it out. I know sometimes other factors bring along problems you cannot control but if you have the determination of making it work because you know this is supposed to happen and all will work out just because you believe it will then it will!
Silly moi, wondering in waters too deep maybe for my optimistic self...
But I believe true love comes with determinism in the belief that everything is going to work out and the persistence of that belief.
Easy!believe it will happen and it will!
I watched the movie halfway in the book and the movie was good thanks to the main actors but I dont think the audience understood it without reading the book. I got it bcs I read through the difficult parts where it makes sense after a while. I wonder how the ppl who only watched it received it,, I'll ask around...
I loooove Rachel McAdams!from the Notebook of course, and RedEye...
So, I read it in 5 days!!!in the weekend I finished half so with work I kept it low reading per day!
I have to confess that the ending could have been alot better. Unfortunately, I'll have to give it some more thought on it to give some suggestions. But it had to give us the dialoge on the last encounter (Clare 82, Henry 42).
I cannot even begin to imagine what they said!Tho with that the author wishes to show us that what matters is not the conversation but the actuall meeting.
I loved the first part, but the second was tiring to even read it!I had to take breaks watching tv!!!LOL..
So what's next?NEXTTTTT!

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