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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Torment, Lauren Kate

Lucy and Daniel are in love. Daniel a powerfull angel fallen to be with his love, Lucy. Only when kissed she bursts into flames and he has to wait for her to re-incarnate and reach 17 and the circle goes again. Only this time they meet, kiss and all changes as she doesn't die but turns out if she does somehow she will not re-incarnate - hence this is her last go @ life.
In this book? Daniel allies with bad-ass-enemy-angel ie: demon Cam to protect Lucy, who will be hidden in this private school for half-angels (Nephlim) kids for 3 weeks. Lucy goes , makes 2 friends -roomate yoga-guru Shelby, and cute-rich-cool-but shy Miles - and starts working with the Announcers - shadows that can be time/space portals, or glimpses of the past or future;can be summoned like personal voicemail - in order to see her past lives with Daniel and understand more since he keeps her in the dark. End game, Lucy kisses Miles, Daniel doesn't comfront her on anything but ends up in a battle with a bunch of other angels against the Outcasts - really bad angels - and once the fight ends Lucy takes up an uninvited Announcer and takes off.

Problem 1:
OK they are in love, anything else in the story??The Miles character is cute but nothing else in the whole book...

'Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity, Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.' -Andrew Futral

I believe Torment is one step towards what Mr Futral said further from Twilight.....

Problem 2:
Lucy is whining all through the book....BLEASE!!!How bad she had it in her last school, how she misses her parents, how she misses Daniel....and with some flashes on how all loved ones in her every past lives was hurt because Daniel chose her and she died over and over!!!and she did not mention it in any of their conversations!!!it is Bella syndrome on crack plus with having opportunities to solve all of it!
Problem 3:
Lucy fought with Daniel like 4-5 times - all starting with 'I need to talk to him about all this' continuing with 'I can't keep my hands off him' and finishing with 'why don't you tell me anything' and Daniel flying off. One has to argue that 3 times at least in this book Lucy hurt him and then though 'I wish I could go back and console him, make everything right - but when I think of everything I can't' OHHHH PLEAZZEEEEEE!!!
Problem 4
I love the whole fight of angels and even their categories and all but could we focus on more war - strategy - power and less relationship stuff.

S0 I conclude that I would get the next book only to get that dialogue where Lucy asks all the simple questions and gets some simple answers out of Daniel because she has busted our @@@@....
ps:i lovveeee the cover....

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