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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no more Immortals - off to the Vampire Academy!:P

So I did start the Immortals 3, but I soo needed to stop it, so boring man!Not being able to touch and still ok with it?I'm not ok with it!As I googled on whats up later on I saw that Roman gets more involved and I just don't like him at all!
And this genetic-disease that Damen has that cannot touch or kiss or anything with Ever - guys this is SOOOO STOLEN!!! check out Dark Angel (2000) episode 1 season 2 where the exact thing happened-but the virus was in her blood!!!:)

Moving on, my new step in modern literature is the Vampire Academy - I saw it everywhere and it seemed harmless enough so I gave it a go....
Easy and readable , reminds me a lot of the House of Dark series by PC Cast from the surroundings - cannot explain it - I think its the way they are described. Yep, I can think of Stevie-Ray when I think about their similarities!!LoL!!
I love Rose - all the fighting and power and bossiness she has - I want to adopt, well in a while bcs I'm too tired to even read more books... or just excuses - you know how that goes!!
So I finished book 1 - Vampire Academy and I did it in 3 days I think.
Lissa is too weak I believe but Dimitri I love!Even though I love russian and all about the Eastern Europe and hate when they try to use its mystery aura Richelle Mead uses it with respect :D.
So I'm on book 2 now,,,, talk to yaaalll laters!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Did you forget my whining?

Ok, too much book reading!!!seriously!!get out more!!!!
Well, besides work I do get out, but should go out more!
My head is in a cloud, like I can't focus, like I need some iq tests to keep it sharp!
But reading is exactly that right?I fed on 20 books this past two weeks!!that must count for my intelligence not my minds deterioration!
Well, the truth is: I hate my job, I hate living with my parents, and now I can't stand my friends (they -in between them - I was too busy reading) had a fight and I CAN'T BE BOTHERED!!!
To much whining man, so I came back to my blog-whining!hahaha
I hate my job, its a family business so there is not alot of options,,, and I don't have alot of courage, energy or lack of guilt to search for something new....
They say the stronger stay and fight rather than quit and leave, right?Well I am so sick of saying we should do that to take advantage on an opportunity but I am so out of energy of doing exactly that that I am out of energy for me, like my personal life!actually that sounds quite coherent...
what to do?a break?work somewhere else for a while?
all I know is my mind is in a cloud - it is not clouded-it IS a cloud - all foggy and white noised!
I guess its my way of getting high-like my drugs to numb me out!that sounds coherent as well!!!
yei!!loads of breakthrough today!!!and with a cloudy mind!!who needs friends!!!!!hahahahah
I started the handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood, which after I found in pdf I realized that I have it in paperback from a while back and had indeed started to read it but stopped midway!!I think I remember the movie, which is sad bcs I like the book so far (pg40).
I'm going out tonight!wish me luck with my communicating skills!!!!!i am getting dumb on that one after all this reading!!!
have a nice weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Immortals : Evermore - Alyson Noel

1) Soulmates recuring in different lifetimes - Fallen
2) The O.C. scene -the O.C.
3) Dead parents/ guilt trips - not liking the rich - Blue Bloods Schyler
4) name Damean - The Vampire Diaries -haven't read it but seen the tv series..
5) Red head trying to kill you - hello!!Eclipse!!!

New stuff :
1) Love the hoodie and ipod phase
2) Super powers - mind reading, aura seeing, predictions
3) Ghosts showing up
4) Immortals versus vampires - thanks sooo much for that one although its weird how its manifested from studying and perfecting his fathers formula based in alchemy

Ok, I still don't know what the red tulip means!!!!ok googled it-undying love... blah blah...
I have not seen the Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst (although I am a fan) but it was crazy romantic but a bit off - not enough souroundings and too specific..
I think it was too fake, yep fake, too perfect to roll the moment!!!
But loved the idea of the black gown and the uninvited crush dressing up as her match - it was mentioned a bit too much tho...
But that's just me....

I did have some problems since my ebook was in a bad shape: it had some paragraphs missing but the text flowed and I went through it in a day!:)
A bit too much on the noise and bother the super powers got her and ending up an alcoholic?Because Drinia messed up with her head?The whole Drinia character was of - too random and insignificant to actually explain what she did and how she did it.... A bit of explaination would make her more believable - I wouldn't sympathase ever!
And her name!!Ever!!!! Like her name is 'Ever' - how is that pronounced?like 'ive' from Eve or like the word ever???lol
off for the second book!
I would put this series right after Blue Bloods and before fallen!yep!
talk to you around!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MorganVille Vampires- see you in Oct

MorganVille Vampires Book 8: Kiss Of Death

I'll miss Shane, and Claire and most especially EVE!!!She has taught me so many comeback lines to tap off any argument!She showed me that you don't have to always comply to acceptable answers to arguments and with some wittiness and loads of nerve you can hit somebody with your words!Of course not the flipping them off parts which Eve loves so much...
Shane is the sweetest bad boy-dont-know-what-I-feel boy and he is cool and adorable!Hands up if you too are in love with him!!!!!!
As for Claire : I know that the main character must be from toes to head into heroic energy with no fear of danger so as the action keeps going and the book eventually unravells but (always a but) a bit too much this time!She's a bit too perfect- in book 6 Claire was a bit insecure with Shane and in book 7 about her job with Myrnin so it felt more realistic. Now Claire has evolved into a woman ready to take charge - with what cost on her character?her value as a fictional character that is - not her personality.
The fact that I see her as that, makes it bad for the book..... I was seing her as a person not a character-you know what I mean.... Like in Harry Potter - they were persons, whose story I wished it came true soooo much but I have never seen them as fictional characters, not until years later when I was more pragmatic on the whole thing of it not ever being true!!I sooooo wanted to be a wizard (ok witch..), I even enrolled online on one of the Hogwards School thingings and had homework and such..... buhhuuuuuu Even now I feel sorrow and grief from that dream :p