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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

Katniss is in place for enjoying the money and privileges of being a victor in District 12. Her relationship with Peeta is frozen while Gale is acting like a friend while working in the mines. President Snow visits and threatens Katniss to behave while the Quarter Quell Hunger Games are to begin- every 25 years there are special versions of the Hunger Games whose special factor was supposedly predetermined in envelopes locked up , for example one time the number of the tributes (players) was double, while the other time each district had to vote out their tributes. So this time the tributes are selected from the prior victors. Katniss freaks out and eventually ends up in the game, with her bonding with Peeta to grow and a comradeship initiating between the past victors/new tributes. The riots have started and the mockingjay is the symbol, Katniss.

I loved this book. I mean the continuance of the Hunger Games and the build up to the riots and the overthrow of the Capitol is actually looking feasable!I loved the wedding dress trick and the new arena of the games. The distrust between the players could have been a bit more played out since that is part of their survival but the end game justifies any parts that I didn't get. 

I thought another movie that upholds the Hunger Games features : The Gamer  (2009) starring Gerard Butler where players enter an arena to fight each other to death while being handled mentally and thus physically by people through computers.


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